Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thrifty, Easy 100% Natural Cleaning Routine. How Do You Get Clean?

I'm testing the products above, the ones listed below are my favorites. The TheraNeem products above were kindly provided as free samples.

I've been experimenting for two years (remember my hippie confession?) to find and create the best quality and inexpensive 100% natural skin/body care products. I'm confident in my data and ready to share favorites you can buy and make AND tips/tricks I've learned during my journey. My favorite products are concentrated so they last forever and give you the best bang for your buck:

1) Alaffia African Black Soap: Moisturizing, effective and inexpensive. One bottle lasts for months as body wash, face wash, shampoo, and shaving/hand soap. Buy here.

2) Glossy Locks Smooth & Moisture Balm: I use a tiny amount of this leave-in to tame frizz for my naturally curly, dry hair. Two ounces has lasted me for over a year! Love their shampoo/conditioner, too. Buy here.

3) TheraNeem Balancing Therape Facial Oil Serum: I apply a couple of drops to my face at night after showering. I arise with dewy, even-textured skin that I don't have to wash or apply foundation to. Buy here.

4) Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay: 100% Bentonite clay powder (this has no fillers) is magnetic and absorbs positively charged substances like heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and chemical waste. I mix one tablespoon clay powder with one tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar, one $5.29 container can last 6 months to a year! You can even use it for internal detoxing, I use it to prevent or cure time-of-the-month breakouts. Buy here.

5) Kiss My Face Whitening Toothpaste: This doesn't contain sodium lauryl sulfate like most toothpastes. I love that they use a lot of mint oil, it's mintier than conventional toothpaste. Not sure it if whitens, I buy this one because it's the tastiest from their line. Buy here

6) Zambeezi Organic Beeswax Lip Balm, Tangerine: All-natural, tasty, and inexpensive. Buy here.

Note: I don't use shampoo or conditioner for now. I used coconut oil for body lotion but I'm testing Alaffia
and TheraNeem lotions right now. Both are awesome. The TheraNeem folks sent me seven samples and tons of information about their product two days after I e-mailed them about writing this article. They really care about their brand and the quality is excellent.

I'll follow-up next week with my favorite DIY cleansers and conditioners. I could get by with baking soda and coconut oil for everything cleansing/conditioning/hygiene related but I like to treat myself to my staple favorites in this post. Remember that your skin reflects your health, and products won't be as effective if you're not healthy from the inside-out. Nothing's made a bigger difference than eating as many antioxidant and vitamin rich plant-based foods as possible. (Read: Raw Food FAQ & Journey.)

If you're struggling, I have a menu here that quickly and completely cleared up a stubborn break-out during my early twenties. I also love juicing, my skin is always radiant the next day when I have a green juice the night before. (Related: No Soap Challenge and Clear Skin with Food)

What do you use to keep clean from the inside out? Any DIY skincare or favorite all natural products to share? I'd love to read 'em! BTW, not paid to endorse anything in this post.
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  1. Hey, I have been trying natural deodorants for a while and have landed on Kiss My Face's Active Life Aluminum Free deodorant, lasts all day, have nice smells, clear.

    That's my two cents. Thanks for the skin stuff :)

    1. Oh hell yeh, thanks for the recommendation. I haven't been trying natural deodorants other than the homemmade one I shared here:

      I usually go without it or use a variant of the homemade one above.

  2. What groovy packaging! I'm a fan of Himalaya products (ayurvedic, vegetarian, cheap) which I buy when I'm in India and also Lush. xxx
    PS I'm 5' 3", too!

    1. You look taller in your photos, Vix! :D I'll have to look into Himalaya and Lush, their stuff smells AMAZING. TheraNeem products claim to be ayuverdic to a degree as well, with ayuverdic healing herb Neem being the main active ingredient in everything they produce.

  3. Ok for one I feel like a celebrity visited my web site. I have read your site dang going on three or more years now. When did you start?
    ANYWAY, I went vegan about six months ago and this whole product thing has about driven me crazy. I've got it down except for the tooth paste and deodorant. I keep meaning to try your recipe but it just seems like it wouldn't work for Arizona. I'll try the kiss your face tooth paste why not. I'm starting to learn the amazing benefits of water and a wash rag!:)

    1. Aw, thanks for your comment today Kari. It really perked me up from an odd mood today, had no idea you followed along so long. Yep, been writing here 3-4ish years so you've been reading pretty much since the start! I'll have to start experimenting with "clean" store-bought deodorants. Might try the "Kiss My Face's Active Life Aluminum Free" one Megan recommended.

    2. you should take the time and start from the beginning of your blog. Since I read it and I don't live it. I have seen your amazing progression. You have grown by serious leaps and bounds. You really should be so proud of yourself! Glad to help out. I hope tomorrow is better for you!

  4. Meant to ask I was trolling your site last night trying to find a post on what camera you use. I think you did a post once saying which one you have now? I know which one I'm buying but its the lens that make a camera so I've been looking at sites I love.......well you know the drill.

    1. At the end of this photography tips post I mention the camera and lens I use:

      I use a canon rebel t1i and highly recommend any of the rebels, you can get a refurbished t1i for $439 now. I'd make sure it :

      My favorite lens is this one with a fixed focal length, its limitations force creative compositions:

      I'll write a follow-up post on cameras/equipment with more details. :)

    2. Oh, the other awesome thing about this lens is that it's very inexpensive so it's a great one to start with:

  5. Sweet! Thats exactly what I was going to buy in lens. I knew I was buying a Canon I've had a Canon before and loved it. Thank you!!:)

  6. Funny how I was at Whole Foods the other day and saw the Indian Healing Clay, and then I read about it on your blog :0) As for my cleansing products, I haven't fully made the switch to all natural, but of the items that I have switched, I like Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle shampoo, coconut oil for my dry forehead (a more recent thing as I've gotten older; I used to have a greasy forehead), pure, unprocessed shea butter from a local Caribbean market (way cheaper than stuff you buy at natural food stores or all natural beauty stores), and just recently, I've started getting into aloe vera gel. It is the only thing that soothes my skin when I get an eczema breakout. The pure gel can be pricey, so I'm thinking about getting the plant itself and harvesting the gel myself. The gel is supposed to be its most potent when taken directly from a live plant anyway.

    BTW, did you know that Costco sells huge tubs of the Nutiva brand of pure, extra virgin, organic coconut oil? My girlfriend who is a health fanatic gave me a huge tub. She says it is the cheapest price she's found for this brand, which is the highest grade of coconut oil. She cooks with it. I'm planning on using it for making some sugar scrubs. I used to get my scrubs from Sumbody, a local, all natural body care company, but their stuff is so expensive that I'm tempted to make my own.

    Speaking of making my own - I've also switched to all natural soap. I buy mine from farmer's markets, craft fairs, Etsy, and Whole Foods. I took a soapmaking class last year, but found it daunting to make your own. Plus, there's a whole bunch of equipment and materials you need to buy just to get started. I think I'll stick to buying my soap - at least until I muster up the courage to try making my own.

    1. My friend buys pure, unprocessed shea butter from a local flea market vendor and loves it, it's the only thing that helped her clear up a break-out, too. And I love using and consuming aloe vera gel, it's so good for you! I might have to look into this huge Nutiva coconut oil thang, maybe ride along as a guest with a friend that has a Costco or Sam's membership. I usually refill my 14 oz jar of oil with coconut oil from the vegan kitchen I work in part time (we can buy supplies in bulk from them for less, I love it!) when it's available, otherwise I pay a pretty penny for the unrefined stuff from the health food store. ($9.00 for 14 oz or so me-thinks.) I use it nearly every day in smoothies, desert recipes, or on salads.

      Thanks for all the tips and ideas!

  7. Sweet! This is exactly what I intend to buy the lens. I know that before I bought a Canon Canon and love it.

  8. Thank you so much for sending me your link! I can't wait to read all these posts in detail! I really want to make the transition of using totally natural face/body stuff.

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