Friday, November 29, 2013

The First-Ever Thrift Core Black Friday Sale! Get Vintage Gifts for 25% to 35% Off!

I'm hosting my first-ever Black Friday Christmas Sale! This is a chance to get stocked up or maybe get something you've had your eye on for a while. 25% is taken off of everything in the shop! Use the code "GETME" to get 35% off until NOON today!  Get Shopping and knock Christmas shopping out of the way before the rush!

Have fun hunting, things are already moving fast! I had a lot of fun staging the photos for this sale! I'll see you on Monday with my latest vintage scores and next week with an awesome giveaway, a peek at glorious secret vintage collection I was allowed to photograph, and more! COMMENTS are turned off, but If you have any questions about anything you'd like in the Etsy Shop or if you're looking for anything in particular, send me an e-mail!

Note: For future Christmas and gift shopping needs, I forgot to note that I ship everything out SAME DAY I get your order so you get your gifts and wrap them up quicker. I do this all year round.
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