Wednesday, May 11, 2016

5 Reasons Why I'm Planning Cross-Country RV Adventures: Creativity, Freedom

Ah, the open road. Traveling across the USA is an American dream, who hasn't craved that adventure? Why wait until retirement to experience the varied landscapes from East to West coast? I have a few particular reasons (mostly related to creativity, of course) for why I'm planning a future cross-country RV adventure.

1. Destroy Complacency 

I've got myself in a very comfortable proverbial cocoon right now. I live peacefully with my best friend and boyfriend at very low cost, my work and school is in close walking distance and both my school and work are related to my start-up business. I should never complain, but I do feel like I need to stretch into my growth zone, to be a good creator and country travel would be a good way to do that.

2. Sights and Culture

I want to drink in the sights and cultures of the world like a sponge, new experiences are necessary to be creative- and they're just damn fun! Travel is a huge passion of mine.

3. Location Independent Work

Making RV travel a goal will force me to make my work more location independent and/or seasonal. It's a challenge, but like I said in reason one, challenges are vital!

4. Potential Savings / Sustainable and Minimalist 

With the way I currently live, living in an RV might cost more than my lifestyle. HOWEVER, it's cheaper than the "typical" mortgage on a home life. I could see myself living in a micro home or RV before ever getting into debt for a home. Regardless of savings, I do strive to live sustainably and minimally and RV life forces you to go with the essentials and little else.

5. Forces You Outside

Living in an RV or micro-home (we're not sure if we're going to all-out move into an RV yet, depends if circumstances take us away from Jacksonville, perhaps) forces you to go out more and really live versus always being cramped inside your cozy quarters. I love being a homebody and have trouble getting out to nature and interesting social scenes like I use to. Time to get out!

"Giant cheese and crackers and mimosas on a rustic log for breakfast again, dear? I LOVE IT!"
I have never seen a man look that happy. It's the RV, of course!
They look like 1960s Barbie and Ken. I love vintage ads. 

Many decisions I've made the past year or so have been in preparation for potential future micro house or RV living. I rarely thrift because I don't want to have many new possessions if I'll be in cramped quarters (or too many items in storage). I've Kon Mari'd my home twice and I still have purging to do. I stopped reselling vintage and gave up on shop-owning plans because I really dug deep and looked at what I want my future to look like. I want it to be location independent and free; being tied to heavy boxes of vintage made me feel like I was walking with an anvil tied to my ankle.

I don't know when I'll be in a place where I can buy a bus/RV or any vehicle suitable for road adventures and hit the road, but I do know that it's time to begin research. I know one day the cross-country adventuring will be a valuable learning and growing experience for AJ and I, but for now, we have a comfortable, inexpensive roost and life while we go to school and I'm grateful for that.

* Images from Retro Renovation | Adventure Journal 

Do you dream of your own RV road trips? Have you gone on any? I'd love it if you had tips to share on getting started! Please e-mail me with some if you have them!

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