Monday, August 8, 2016

Massive Productivity Improvement #3: Use Bio Rhythms to Be 200% More Productive

Do you wish you could be extremely productive in less time? Do you want more time to spend on things you love rather than plugging away at work for extended hours to be productive? I keep reading a trend over and over in the lives in successful people. They say they identify their natural bio rhythms to find their peak productivity time and by optimizing that time, they're 100% to 200% more effective! This is the time you need to schedule your work day around, the time when you need to knock out the day's hardest tasks. Let's look at how you can find your bio rhythm's natural peak productivity times.

So what's your bio rhythm? It's your body's natural pattern of operation and includes your physical and mental cycles. You may already be able to ID your personal peak productivity time, the time where you're in that "mind like water" state and work quickly and effortlessly. For most people, that's in the morning when you first start working, when the day is fresh and distractions haven't worn you down yet.

But everyone's body is different. To ID your body's peak productivity times you should keep a journal of how you work throughout the day. Take note of your dips in energy or when you mind wanders off, this is your body's "rest" cycle and the best time to schedule a break.

Are we always going to have the luxury of carefully scheduling our days to our biorhythms? Nope. Things come up and deadlines happen. But identifying your peak productivity time and scheduling your hardest work to correspond with it is definitely a wonderful way to greatly improve your work productivity and get more free time. Definitely a win/win!

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Have you tried organizing your day this way? What methods do you use to get things done and free up time?
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  1. My most productive time is really early in the morning. You wouldn't believe how much I get done before 7am! My big slump is at 4pm. Deadlines are the worst!

    1. So jealous of your SUPER early morning productivity. :D And yes, deadlines are stressful, but when I'm on the other side I'm amazed at what can get done when you're *forced* to, haha.

  2. I definitely agree that there's a certain time of the day when we are most productive. As with the commenter above, mine is in the morning too. I find as the day goes on, I just lose the mental capacity to think clearly. Unfortunately, this productive time is very short for me:P

    1. Haha, same for me with the bright crisp focus-time. Then it just gets harder and harder.

  3. Each day is different for me, but generally a couple hours after I get up (and have had my coffee!) is the best time and again in the afternoon after a lunch break.

    1. Food and caffeine definitely help ;) My days differ too but first thing is dynamite and the rest of the day has on/off struggles, haha.

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