Friday, March 10, 2017

Designer Travels: Jacksonville Florida Downtown, Hidden Industrial Chop House Peeks

My favorite part of traveling is gathering that delicious new stimuli. It's essential to the being of a creative person! And luckily, it doesn't have to be expensive at all. Just "traveling" and exploring new things in your neighborhood or back yard can be sufficient. I recently had the opportunity (as a member of USGB) to tour a historic building in my city. Located downtown, it's undergoing renovation to become The Cowford Chop House.

View of the back of the Florida Theatre from the rooftop of the future Cowford Chophouse

View of the building from the outside.

I love seeing spaces in states of decay and/or being rebuilt. The foundations are inspiring, you imagine the possibilities.

It's fascinating to see this space in that transitional state of what it was and imagine what it will be.

And fun to see downtown from this high vantage point, too! well as spires on a rooftop that have been struck by lightning dozens of times over the long years since this historic building's construction.

This inspires to get to doing a little more urbexing and historic site hunting. The texture and juxtaposition of greenery and urban decay in these old buildings is beautiful to shoot, but it's also a peaceful way to soak in some inspiration.

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