Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Renegade Craft Fair Miami Recap: Inspiring Artisans and Crafters from Around the U.S.

Renegade Craft Fair started in 2003 as a midpoint between a traditional art market and a craft fair. They filled the niche perfectly and like their name implies they were true renegades for it!

I've followed Renegade Craft Fair faithfully since I first started blogging while working full-time in Cubicle Land as a writer back around '08 and I remember that craft life looking like an unattainable dream. Fast-forward to a couple a months ago, a few months into shop ownership and years into indie business ownership, I saw they were starting a fair in Miami. I paid the non-refundable application fee feeling like I was paying for a rejection letter. Seeing the acceptance e-mail was jubilant! The attendance was slow (it was the first Renegade in Miami, growth takes time) but I was excited to be there with amazing crafters and indie business owners! Although I was mostly tethered to my booth out of necessity, I took photos and tried to chat with every single vendor! Let's look and get inspired!

First of all the Renegade Branding was gorgeous! Loved the colors and patterns, the textures of the curtains and signage were unique and the staff kept us all watered, kombucha'd (yes, free kombucha! it was delicious! for those familiar with kombucha's probiotic goodness, it kept us all very regular too, ha-ha!) and fueled with lots of free kind bars, too.

Check-in was so chill and easy! So appreciated!

They also gave all vendors enamel pins we could wear letting visitors know we're vendors, temporary tattoos, stickers, and posters!

The first day a DJ booth was set up under one of the Renegade Craft Fair tents, the second day there was a portable DJ Van! So Miami Beach, to have a colorful start-up like this, what a smart idea in that party climate, right!?

I'll state now that not being able to buy just one little thing from each vendor SUCKED! That's the only thing I miss about office life, I could easily support small business with those earnings! But now I have to put all earnings into our growing business! Anyway, this one of a couple of high quality card and print vendors across from us.

Renegade allows vendors to split a booth for savings. I LOVED our booth mates and enjoyed starting at their BEAUTIFUL notebooks and getting to know them the whole time we were there. We're on the right. Why do we have no branding? Funny story, that! To summarize (although there are NO excuses in biz and this is all my fault, it's still a funny story, learn from my **** ups!): we left our sign and tables, I had a constant-cough cold, we got stranded in Miami when both car axils broke and car repairs cost more than we earned. All that said, look back on it all fondly, wouldn't trade it for the world. Will never leave my signs again ;)

Look at their clean beautiful set-up and illustrations! Love it! They're a collective that met at at school, I'm glad they're doing so well "young" in their business and I can see why the craft fair organizers set us up together, definitely some similarities in our label designs.

It sucks we left our sign but we made the best of it and tried to keep our tables varied and attractive.

There were a couple of food courts where the event was hosted in the famed Mana Wynwood Art District of Miami.

This one was at the back of the event. The backdrop of graffiti gave me some deja-vu comforting I've-been-here-before vibes. It looks a lot like my neighborhood :)

I loved this coffee truck's sleek black and white branding, even the workers kept to the color scheme.

And next to that, woah, the biggest food truck I've ever seen with beautiful reclaimed wood on the exterior.

There were many unique jewelry sellers at the event, looking back at my photos they outnumbered the rest of us.

And they had some of the most beautiful set-ups I've ever seen. I loved how they were laid our ready to be admired and purchase don all those tables.

There was a little bit of everything to take in and enjoy at Renegade! We're signed up for Renegade Craft Fair at Brooklyn Expo Center (aaah!) and I'm grateful the Miami event was slower, smaller, and intimate so I could take it all in before the craziness we're expecting for NYC! I hope the beautiful displays inspired you, I'm contemplating visiting the rest via video, they're all just to interesting not to look back on!
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  1. Looks like a lovely market, I like the variety of shops, and that van is awesome!

    1. There was a lot of variety and it was high quality. I left very inspired.

  2. That's a gorgeous market! Brooklyn should be big!!!

    1. It really was wish I could share a photo of every booth they were all gorgeous.

  3. What a fun day. Everyone's display looks fantastic! I love that the organization provided its vendors with water and snacks. :) Keeping everyone fueled is so important for great customer service.

    1. It was a crazy couple of days but we survived with good memories.

  4. Such awesome stuff. I think I'm inspired to create a "non-renaissance themed" craft show now!

    1. I need some tips from you on craft shows, I want to create more here in Jacksonville so I don't have to travel the U.S and Florida so often, haha :O

  5. That fair looks like a lot of fun! And perfect weather for it :)
    Everything is of such great quality too.

    1. We were grateful there was no rain those two days!

  6. Oh man! This Renegade Fair looked so awesome, Vanessa! And your products just fit right in:) Love your set up, and the ones sharing your tent as well. I wish we have something like this close by, you know? Even when we do, it's only in the summer and always not very convenient for us....sigh...but if you come to Toronto, I'll come by to your booth for sure!:D

    1. Toronto would be the perfect place to do a Renegade hopefully they'll do one out there! We're praying the Brooklyn one does really well that's two days of driving a rental car, hotel stay, phew! :O

  7. What an amazing event! Congrats again on getting accepted :) The organizers thought of everything, it seems. I love that. Your booth looks nice and streamlined and great that you had the opportunity to share it!

    1. Thanks Duni :) I took inspiration from everyone's beautiful displays and we streamlined and designed an even better set-up :D

  8. wow look at all those amazing shops.. I'd would have wanted to buy something from everyone too

    1. One day when I'm earning passive income from all this hard work I'm going to buy from ALL ze artists :D

  9. The shops here are designed so great! I wish I had been there.

    1. It was so worth it despite the losses! :) We had to cancel the NYC show (booohooo!) but we can't wait to get to the next Renegade.


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