Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Our New One-Eared Cat: Yack the Black Tail. Adventures in Stray Adoption.

Our household now has two cats! Marianne (my roommate) named him Meow but I call him Squeak, Squeaker or Yack because he has a raspy barely-there meow from talking too much, according to the Vet. AJ calls him "Black Tail".

Black tail fits because he's a raggedy pirate cat.

We let him in one rainy day when he came meowing to our door. He's missing half his right ear, he had fleas, flea allergies, and a hole in his paw. He's also missing a lot of his teeth.

He was aged between 7-9. You can tell he's been through a lot in his life.

Yack is mostly mild-mannered except when it comes to food. He begs for it all day! If you leave food alone for a moment he will swipe it up in his mostly toothless jaws in a moment and chow down! The vet says this is from his rough life outdoors. He never knew when he was going to eat again so he's always searching for food. We may never train that opportunistic eating out of him.

The photo above is a rare example of Yuko and Yack actually being near each other peacefully, Yuko's still territorial and fighting with him a couple of months later. Regardless of the adjustments, I feel good that Yack's off the streets and being fed and watered regularly. If anyone has tips on getting two cats acclimatized to each other or abating the hunger of a forever-ravenous cat, let me know!
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  1. We luv this!!! Reading the blog with my daughter LondonDaBridge aka FoxyFancy!!!!

  2. Bless you for taking in that poor kitty!! He's living the good life now :)

    1. Yeah we joke about his sudden upgrade to the good life, haha. He seems to love it.

  3. Yack is so lucky to have found you guys! I once adopted 2 cats that were rescued from the same city neighborhood so they were already friends. They were the same way with the food. It was difficult though because the male was bullying the female from her dish while eating. So I had to put the dishes in separate rooms. I wanted to feed them in a healthy manner so I went by the food recommendations on the bag and divided it to 3 times a day. That way they knew the food would keep coming. It didn't take too long for them to become "normal" cats with the eating habits. Wishing you the best of luck with this new adjustment. :)

    1. Thanks for the tip! I moved Yuko's food to my master bathroom ("Yuko's" domain/favorite room) but the crafty cat found out and gobbled up all her food in there. We have to hide her food bowl when she's done eating, haha.

  4. I don't know a thing about cats. In fact I hate cats, I'm allergic to them and I think they're jerks. Kittens are awesome though. That's when cats are their best to me but I can't play with them! Meh, whether I hate cats or not, I think it's great you took in a little dude in need!

    1. My live-in boyfriend AJ is allergic to cats and hates their jerky refusal to please people too, haha. I was surprised HE was the one who gave the final go ahead to let him in. He saw him meowing at the door in the rain and his heart grew three sizes that day, haha

  5. That's so lovely that you've found each other!

    1. We dunno where we came from but we like that he's here :)

  6. So cute! A pirate cat. My Mom's rescue came from a hoarder so has food issues too, just inhales food and then meows and meows for more, I am not certain they ever get over the food security issue.

    1. Poor babies! I dunno if he'll ever get over it but I just remind me annoyed roomies that he has PTSD and anxiety. At least it'll get me in the habit of putting dishes and food away IMMEDIATELY (a good habit to have anyway) because if you leave ANYTHING with a trace of food on it he will go for it!

  7. Aaaaw....they're both cuties, Vanessa. And that's really super sweet how you took in Yack:)

    1. Thanks Emmy :) They're like needy fighting toddlers sometimes but we love 'em.


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