Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Make Your Own Twitter Beer Koozie

Social Network nerds rejoice, now you can protect your hands from the condensation of a cold beer while being reminded of the Glory of Twitter. Cut up those old, itchy sweaters and make a Twitter Beer Koozie.

1. Print the pattern above. I quickly drew a bird with a ball point pen, I'm sure you can feign something better than that with little effort.

2. Pin the pattern to your fabric of choice, cut out your bird.

3. Cut a strip of sweater to the desired width (perhaps using a beer bottle for measurement) and sew the ends to close it.

4. Glue or sew your bird to the fabric.

5. If you have small dogs, force them to wear the Koozie. Cut two holes in the side and you have a dog sweater on the cheap.

Take that, itchy sweaters! I hate you and your kind!

If you'd like me to make you a fancy Beer Koozie engraved with Twitter's image or even your initials, I'll make one and send it out to your for $7- just don't tell Twitter because they could be the litigious types and I live on a writer's salary.

Special Thanks for the Koozie idea goes to Emily- the Queen of Crafty. She had the Koozie idea, I just sewed a bird to it.


  1. love this idea. And my stash of wool, accidentally felted sweaters is far to big to publicly admit. I'm a bird lover anyways and think the twitter bird is just too darn cute. Fab pattern!

  2. I have trouble tossing fabric scraps because it's always being transformed into crafts like these when the time comes. The tiniest bits can make creature eyes and such.

  3. Nice idea. Other use of kozzies huh. koozies
    are in especially in demand since they are the ideal inexpensive giveaway for occasions that involve large numbers of recipients.


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