Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Goals 19: Back to Mission Organization

Yuko the morning after my housewarming party. 'Twas an exhausting night for Yuko-cat.

Last Week: 1. Finish unpacking every single box. 2. Organize all of the stuff I've yet to sell into Craigslist/Shop/Etsy categories. 3. Complete 3 table DIYs I had in mind. (Back burner for the moment...) 4. Complete 2 Chalkboard DIYs I had in mind. 5. Set up my home office and general home settling-in fun.

I was incredibly productive last week, I swears! I thrifted valiently (you'll see the fruits of my labor tomorrow), sold plenty of vintage, designed for clients, networked and took part in an art show, and organized like a baller! I was so busy I rarely slept or even sat down, I just didn't tackle the things on the to-do list.

But while working I did realize I MUST become more organized. I keep writing this, but it's true, I have to stop working to find things all the time, it's seriously messing up my flow. So this week I will...

1. Make an "organization plan" and improved schedule.
2. Pimpin' office finished once and for all.
3. Seriously ahead on blog posts.
4. Completely switch out the merchandise in both antique stores.
5. Clean house and settle-in!

There's always so much more than my weekly lists going on behind-the-scenes, like getting caught-up with clients and other projects, but I'll get caught-up one day! So...

Wuuuucha doin'?

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  1. Keep believing you can do it all and take one step at a time. Keeping your list of MUST be dones prioritized is key. But take time to look back at how far you have come and celebrate those successes too.
    Which method works best for you? Threaten to not be allowed to do something until you finish an item on your list, or promise yourself a reward when you have finished something from the list?
    Tough (self) love!

    1. I used to keep pedantic lists and accomplish them, but life has been chaotic the past couple of months...

      I'll try to get back on that. I'm most productive when setting lists of specific action tasks, using a timer, and sticking to it!

  2. I am inundated with photos! This summer, I want to be all caught up and on top of things AND have all of my photos totally organized! I will do it!

    1. I know you will! Phew, I've gotta hit up my millions of things to do too...

  3. Goals for the week???...there are plenty! I try to prioritize daily rather than weekly, it seems to work out better and I don't get disappointed when "things" come up (think sick children, calls from Mom, something breaks, etc.). I am always dreaming up new ideas for the vintage booth along with constantly rotating items in my stash (at home) to keep my mind fresh and my stock current...and along with that comes more organizing and purging to keep everything manageable. Have a good week!!

    1. I always have a never-ending list of things to do, work will never, ever be over...but at least I'm NEVER, ever bored...

  4. I was offered a full time job that I am starting this week so my resell endeavors are going to be scaled down for a while until I find a balance that I can handle. My two main goals are to organize inventory since I have been on a buying spree as of late and to do some research on finding a lighting solution since most of my products for my Etsy shop will have to be photographed during the evening. I have been so spoiled with natural daylight for my products photos and will certainly miss taking pictures midday.

    1. Good luck trying to balance everything, I'm right there with you...


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