Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Ultimate Blogging Guide: Answers to All of Your Blogging Questions

Blogging takes practice, patience, and hard work. I'm often asked for advice on how to increase blog comments, make a blog more popular, or how to make a living at blogging. I've written thousands of words on blogging over the years, and it's time I've compiled them all into a helpful index! Bookmark and come back, this is your ultimate blogging guide!

General Tips:

On Persevering:

Blogging Opportunities:

My #1 Secret: Take the extra time to create high quality content, and keep it fun and entertaining. Write what you'd like to read.

I'll continue to answer your questions on reselling, blogging, and freelancing, but I really believe in the advice I've shared above.

How about you? What do you think makes a blog worth reading, commenting on, and coming back to?
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  1. Valuable stuff here! Thanks for sharing what know!

  2. did you solicit your first advertisers or did they find you? if solicited, how did you approach? if they found you, was it a fellow blogger?

    1. I announced on my blog that I was now accepting advertisers and clearly stated what they get in return for advertising on the site. Advertisers contacted me from there. People won't know you're accepting sponsors unless you tell 'em :)

      Like I did today:

      My first post letting me know I was accepting sponsors:

      I don't recommend depending on advertising as an income source for blogging. I'd focus on using the blog to sell items in your online stores and promote other products, especially if your blog doesn't have lots of traffic yet.

    2. Thanks for the reply. I love to blog about my finds and interact via social media with the blog fans, that is why I continue to blog. You are right, if someone is just doing it for the money, they won't be successful!
      I took some time and updated my contact info for the blog. You have to 'opt in' via a check box in blogger and I hadn't checked the box! Yikes! Also finally posted my about me and contact tabs. Starting to feel real official...especially with my fancy schmancy biz cards you and the birdman helped create :)
      Love my ebay and etsy stores but would like to eventually have my store be independent and as a tab on the blog.

    3. I completely agree. Blog because you love it, not to make money! Your blog, stores, and social media are coming together so well! Glad we could help you with that :) !

  3. Hey Van!
    It's Harper! I love this post -- such a good guide. You always post such helpful articles and it's nice having a handy-dandy guide. I've actually just sent you an email about some questions about bloggers in your area. I'd love to hear back from you soon!

    1. Thank you! Glad to help. I'll check it out and send a reply as soon as I get back in :)

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