Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gifts for Guys: Thrifty Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

Thrifting and vintage may recall a grandma's attic shabby chic veneer for the uninitiated, but the experienced hunter knows thrifting is a Manly Art! Guys love unique finds, rust, patina, and nostalgic pieces with stories just as much as the ladies.

Thrift stores, flea markets, and junk stops are filled with Guy Gifts. Here are some thrifty gift ideas for the guys in your life:

For the Beer Fan: Vintage Beer Mugs

Vintage beer mugs are fun to make gift baskets out of. With several novelty sizes and shapes to hunt for, vintage beer mugs and glasses are definitely funner than their modern counterparts!

For the Amateur Mixologist: Vintage Barware

As a recovering lush, vintage barware is one of my favorite things to scoop up to resell. There's such a huge variety of it to find, and it looks so pretty sitting on a bar that it makes good gifts for occasional drinkers and dedicated mixologists alike.

For Making Men Sexy: Ties, Fedoras, and Mensware

Make your guy as desirable and timeless as Pimp Daddy Don Draper by gifting him with vintage mensware! I especially love little gift baskets with a variety of vintage ties, band shirts, wacky button-up shirts, and hats!

For The Man Cave/Design Suckers: Vintage Signage

A Man Cave cannot exist without unique, quirky signage. Sure, you and some pals could dress like in al black like ninjas and go steal some fun ones around town, but vintage ones from the thrift store will have just as much story to go with them! (Though not as much mischief!)

For the Geeks: Graphic Novels, Comics, and Books

You just can't go wrong for the geek guy with beautiful vintage comic books. Luckily, most thrift store's book section will have these in abundance if you hit them up enough! 

For the Child at Heart: Toys, Toys, Toys 

Thrift stores are a treasure trove of playful toys for the child at heart. You'll find transformers, megazords, tin treasures, and every dinosaur species from the Triassic to the Cretaceous!

For the Nostalgic Fool: Vintage Pop Culture Goodies

Find out your guy's favorite TV show or comic book from childhood, then surprise them with related vintage merchandise. Their eyes will light up like a kid at Christmas!

For the Handy Guy: Vintage Toolboxes and Tools

Don't forget to include something for your guy to fix if that's what keeps him out of your hair, ur, happy!

For The Boob Fan:
Things With Boobs!

C'mon...They're Boobs! 'Nough Said!

Now that you have many ideas for packaging fun gifts for your guys, hit the thrifts and find what they crave!

What are your favorite thrifted or thrifty gifts for guys?
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  1. Love the guy ideas.I've been holding onto a vintage Hawaiian shirt for my husband for Father's Day.Hmm..maybe I should make a basket with that a vintage beer mug and a dozen man-flowers(two 6-packs,lol).

    Thanks for the blog love!I've always loved your blog-it's like an online thrifting comic book. :)

    1. I'm working hard to make fun vintage-filled Father's Day baskets for the shop. I love Hawaiian shirts as dad gifts!

      And thanks for the blog lovin' :) So kind!

  2. So fun thrifting for fellas, or maybe it is just another excuse to go treasure hunting? "They're boobs, nough said"... that was perfect.

    1. Yes indeed, that may be my excuse to go to the flea market this morning...

  3. I'm still chuckling over "things with boobs." ;)


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