Monday, June 18, 2012

Thrift Haul: Return to the Thrifts; Quality Vintage Scores!

This weekend I ignored the flea markets (well, I did make one trip to satisfy a pesky pineapple craving! mmmmm...) and went on Thrift Adventure down Jacksonville's Beach Blvd. I hit up the big stops along the way and ended the trip at Atlantic Beach where my friend Greg and I relaxed with canned Margaritas after getting beat up by rough waves.  

Behold the beauty the thrift stores delivered:

My beautiful white cat Miss Yuko-Chan is at the vet being spayed (my little girl's all grown-up!) so I have my dinosaur and toy friends helping me show scale today. I satisfied my suitcase fetish with yet another gorgeous train case, this time in velvety brown. I'm selling this beauty for $12.00.

And lucky me, I found another perfect travel bar set with all of the pieces intact. I'm willing to let him go for $20.00. These always go fast!

It looks just a nice closed as it does open! Love this beautiful brown case.

I've never seen anything like these Inland Carafettes- complete with box and original tags! That text is giving me a design-gasm!

I'm willing to let this set go for $18.00. They are absolutely beautiful!

I wrote that I needed drinking glasses for the house last week. I found the perfect set here, I have a weakness for amber colored glasses and these ones remind me of the creamy heaven that is iced thai tea or sweet black coffee when you pour in the cream; all swirly black-and-amber goodness. I can't wait to serve some yummy iced caffeinated goodness in these.

Speaking of coffee, I love the comic book brightness of this cute little coffee mug. For sale for $5.00 for the coffee lovers out there.

Wall Geese! I love these. I'll hang 'em on the wall for now, but I'm selling them for $15.00 today only. Great pieces for an office or hung above the couch in your living room.

Gorgeous red fondue pot! I've never had luck selling these in the antique stores, but my kitchen-cuteness weakness wouldn't let me put this one back. Selling this complete set for $15.00, today only.

More font-gasms for these gorgeous trivets! You could use them, but they'd make an even nicer wall display. Selling these duo for $8.00 today.

I was seduced by the delicate beauty of this Japanese-style painting on wood. Selling this beauty for $6.50 today.

And another gorgeous coffee pot! Selling this lovely pot for $6.50 on the blog only today. 

I love the toy charm of this bright red basket. It'll be fun to make a gift basket out of it, stage it with items for the shop, or use it for my packing supplies.

And I came across a huge haul of vintage patches! I already have many of these packaged as smalls in my antique store booth- I'll be adding these ones to my Etsy shop when it's launched (Yes, still working on this one behind the scenes. I have to get my merchandise very organized first!) along with the existing ones for the low price of $3.00 each.

A very sweet Swiss-style piece. I love the color palate in this! Selling it for $6.00 on the blog today.

Honorable Thrift Mention: Davey Jones! My seven-year-old niece picked this one out for me when my mom took her to the thrift store! She knows me so well, that silly niece-ling! It's the perfect toy for this sea-create pirate loving nerd chick.

Hey Guys! I list Daily Deals every weekday on my Twitter and Facebook pages. I'm selling quality, unique vintage pieces for the best prices I can and loving it ;)

And now I must get back organizing merchandise and writing-up a storm. I have many quality, entertaining, helpful posts in the pipeline! But please do tell me what you found at the thrifts this weekend in the comments!

So Do Tell: What did you find this weekend?
Share a link to you blog in the comments, I'd love to see!

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  1. Cool Patches! And that giant fish in the first 2 photos is gorgeous.

    1. It's a beautiful vintage fish lamp, I believe it's a bass but I like to think of it as the living relic from the bony fish era, the gorgeous coelacanth.

      The lamp does bear an uncanny resemblance to my favorite fish, and it's one of my top favorite vintage possessions.

    2. I like the fish lamp too! Very cool.

      And let me know if you ever want to have a conversation about that stegosaurus. ;)

      Good thoughts to Yuko on her spay! Kudos to you for responsible kitteh ownership.

    3. The stegosaurus was a gift from my mom, but maybe one day... ;) I do get tired of looking at some things and sell 'em from time to time.

  2. Nice haul, Van. I love those trivets. Hilarious! I had a block party this weekend so I was busy, busy, busy. But I got out thrifting on Thursday and found a vintage pin back button maker and two packs of flash bulbs for one of my vintage cameras. Dirt cheap fun that'll be featured on the blog soon!

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

    1. Sounds like great scores! I'll have to check out your blog post on them soon!

  3. Thank you for adding a new word to my vocabulary...font-gasm.LOL

  4. I'm obsessed over that stegosaurus as well! Let me know if you want to sell it someday. The brass birds should sell well. I've seen them doing pretty well online as of late. Overall great finds!

  5. The travel bar set is so cool!

  6. Hi Van!!! You scored very well during your thrift excursion!!! I can't believe you passed up on the fleas tho. The prices are sooooo much better for me at the fleas, making them my 2nd favorite buying spot over my first being a fine garage sale. Prices at the thrifts can sometimes be out of my comfort zone. We celebrated with a birthday weekend and then my hubby's day on Sunday so I opted to only make a very limited outing early Saturday morning. I yielded a fabulous bamboo bar cart on wheels (which my friend wants to purchase), some hardware supplies for my own personal tool box and a really super cheap Cosco step stool which I have already recovered with some thrifted oil cloth. I hope your Father's Day baskets flew out the door!!!

    1. My schedule doesn't always allow me to go to the flea markets, and I thought I'd try something different. I didn't sell a single Father's Day basket, actually. Back to the drawing board...

    2. save them for a few months...then put them back out as Back to School baskets ;)

    3. "Back to School with vintage beer mugs, barware, and even more beer mugs!" ;) I put them into the other shop to see how they'll do.

  7. Those amber tumblers are amazing! Also drooling over the fish lamp.

    1. The fish lamp has shown his face from time to time on the site, he even has an origin story:

  8. I love those glasses too! Are they full size or little? I can't quite tell from the photo. Lots of goodies here thanks for sharing at Cap Creations this week. May you have a lovely weekend.

  9. OMG those retro fonts are amazing! Loved all of your finds!

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