Monday, January 14, 2013

Thrift Haul: A Studios Scene. 1960s Paperback Pulps, Coffee, and Tea.

I've been enjoying organizing my merchandise room and thinking up fun deals for Thrift Core blog readers. There are definite themes, my fetish for retro kitchen and dinnerware, books, planters, and colorful cartoony kitsch shines through.

Today I have deal on some gorgeous tea or coffee mugs. These two are among my favorites, I appreciate the brown color and cylindrical in shape. You could own this pair for $7.00! (They're on Etsy for $9.00)

This tiny teapot is 7 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall. It's fully functional and could serve tea for one, while also being an adorable display. I love the detail on the desktop. I have it listed on Etsy for $12.00 but I'll sell it on the blog today for $9.00.

I'm offering another deal on this beautiful "half a cup of coffee" cop. On Etsy for $9.00 but I'll sell on the blog for $7.00.

I love how it lays down flat, these cups are really fun to display!

And now I showcase beautiful pulp covers that I haven't highlighted on the blog before, I love to admire the nostalgic typography, illustrations, and designs.

There's a wide variety subject matter between them, a couple of them I forgot to include in the photos are comic books. Not selling those yet, I want to read each panel first!

These two by Peg Bracken are hilarious and represent a bygone era of impossibly high standards for housewives.

The Handwriting Analysis and "What's Next, Charlie Brown?" books are nifty, the Charlie Brown comics never fail to amuse me, completely timeless.

I'm selling these books as a big group haul for $15.00, on the blog today! That's less than $2.00 each! A great buy for the bibliophile or gift for book lover in your life (V-day, it approaches!)

This final deal is perfect for Eagle collectors. Not as odd as it seems, I've encountered many collectors fond of this majestic bird of pray. I like how these two cups have a faux wood grain texture. I have them on Etsy for $12.00, but I'm selling them on the blog today for $9.00.

Simply send an e-mail if you'd like anything you see in today's post.

What have you been finding at the thrifts lately? The weather is beautiful around here, it's going to be hard to resists the flea markets and thrifts for long...

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  1. Haha...I posted the "other" half of that coffee cup on my blog last night. That is too funny. I love old vintage books for the same reason...the cover art is inspiring.

    1. I love how we all tend to find other halfs and editions to thrifted sets in the blogosphere. Shows just how much valuable goods there is to go around in the 2nd hand shopping market.

  2. I love the Peg Bracken books.I'd get "I try to Behave Myself", but my husband would say it's a lost cause,lol. I love how the caption at the top says "tells how to be nicer than you really are" I guess it's all about being mute right?

    1. The books are pretty hilarious, might have to share some quotes from them one day.

  3. I totally remember my mom having all the Peg Bracken books when I was a kid (I think there was also an "I Hate to Cook Cookbook." So fun!

    1. They remind me of Phyllis Diller's shtick, love 'em.

  4. "I Try To Behave Myself" I wonder what kind of outdated gold is in that?! I would have been in so much trouble back then. :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Oh, there are MANY MANY MANY more where they came from. May need to host a mug sale soon!

  6. lots of cool stuff if my house was packed to overflowing I'd buy the books

    1. I feel pain there. I'm forcing myself not to buy anything new until all my merchandise is listed online.

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