Friday, June 6, 2014

Eco Fest: Dolphins, Hippies, Conservationalism and a Free St. Johns River Boat Ride

A few weekends back I went to Eco Fest for the first time. There were delicious vegan eats and many vendors promoting sustainable products and projects in downtown's Metro Park. My favorite project was Boxed Water is Better, a creative scheme to help protect North Florida's astoundingly gorgeous- and heartbreakingly diminishing natural springs. (Yep, including the one where I encountered a wild alligator. I still love them- both springs and the beasties within them. Can't wait to explore more.)

It was a day of 'firsts' and the highlight was a free 15 minute boat ride in the St. Johns river. I've lived in Jacksonville for 17 years but I've never road a boat in our famous River! The breeze and sun was heavenly and our group spotted dolphins frolicked in the light waves. I quickly snapped some photos then hid my camera safely in its bag before the ride got too rough and rocky.

Now I'm addicted. Who's got a boat? I need more water adventure time. Take me with you!

/Comments Off  Today I'm letting myself have a day off, it's a miracle...well, most of the day? :) I'm an addict, can't leave it alone all day. I've been going through nearly 1,000 posts one-by-one behind-the-scenes to make a super easy-to-scan archive. I'm excited to unviel that next week, It'll make it easier to scroll through all the various posts from the past 5 years!
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