Monday, June 2, 2014

Freshly Curated: Sales! Mid Century Modern & Retro Housewares, Art & More. Git It!

I almost made it to the flea market yesterday despite fighting off a stubborn cold, but a Florida rain shower killed that idea. Instead I'm curating behind-the-scenes, finally getting some work done on a long-put-off vintage ephemera line. I'm getting lots of vintage books photographed and preparing gorgeous vintage illustrations for scanning:

Why bring in more merchandise when I still have so much to work on and so much to sell? The thought makes me twitchy. I want to scan each lovely retro illustration in my collection, but we'll see how it goes! This is my muse for an illustration series I want to start, too.

And I've got to rush to staples for more printing ink. Why so many orders in big boxes? Because people are stocking UP as I've marked down EVERYTHING in my Etsy shop! Please check it out and help me move merchandise! I want a fresh start and I can't bring in new wares until I sell of the old ones.

Go Shop, I Say! If you're local I can put items aside for you, if you're not I can calculate a low group shipping rate.

And now I shall continue to drink tons of tea, get that damn computer ink, clean-up this apartment (didn't pick up after myself being sick, it ain't pretty), continue to work on photographing and listing everything that hasn't been yet and getting some crafting/writing done ASAP!

/Comments Off I'm super busy so comments are off but  E-mail me or hit me up on FacebookInstagram or Twitter  if you have any questions! Please do check out my Etsy Sale, it's all gotta go!
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