Monday, August 25, 2014

I Can't Stop What I've Started! Cleaning Out, Feeling Inspired, Vintage Sale Continues!

Right now I'm sitting on the floor pricing every single piece of merchandise in this apartment. (Drinking all the tea. Energy, come to mama.)  I've been dying to get everything I own in front of eyes in my antique mall booth, now I'm determined to defy physics and give it a try again! Ha!

Yep, this is what I'll be working on for the next hour. Real Reseller life isn't very photogenic.

I'm the closest I've ever been to having the organized home and business of my dreams, the one where you have a spreadsheet that tells you where the extra pair of scissors and glue sticks are hiding. One where you open the closet and there's almost nothing in it (versus the fear of an avalanche of wares falling on your head). I'm excited to make new plans with my streamlined business and workspace, help others get themselves the same way (with business planning, organizing, and designing services- e-mail me if you need help) and create like crazy!

If you're local please check out my Southern Crossing Antique Mall booth (Ask for "Thrift Core" or "Booth #4504") where I'm adding all of my wares (or as much as possible) at low prices. I'm clearing out for a new vision! If you're not local my Etsy Shop -- GO TO IT, I SAY! -- continues to mark down wares! I'm excited to work on and share new projects...and even hit some thrifts again eventually, very gingerly. By the by, I'm heading to Orlando this upcoming 3-day weekend if anyone has any kitschy sights I must see to share (or thrifts I can't miss) please e-mail them to me! Of course my evil IKEA stop will be a must. For shame. Now back to work with me, listening to delightful happy retro music like this.

Oh, and I can estimate lower and group shipping deals for you on items in my Etsy Shop, I just have to overestimate there. Thanks!

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