Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Life and Business Update + An Important Lesson for Finding Your Path (The Journey Never Ends)

I started college at 17 years old; completely unsure of what to with my career path. I didn't know how the college-system worked or where to start so my counselor recommended "Career Planning." One lesson from that filler course stands out among the rest, it was an exercise to help you determine your career path. Sorry if this a "review," but listen up, students, it's important:

Imagine you have all the money in the world, you're a billionaire and money will never be a problem. Now, imagine you had every college degree imaginable, you could do whatever you want because the education is not a problem. What would you spend your time doing? Whatever that is: that is the career path you should take. That's what will truly make you happy in life.
Live from Thrift Core headquarters, I turned around to this tableaux. It beautifully blocks the boxes of merchandise and clutter by the door I need to sort out after I finish a kitchen shift tomorrow at 2PM! (And squeeze into Southern Crossing Antique Mall before 5PM!)

I'm fully realizing this lesson and carving out a definitive new path in life. It's 9:55 PM, I just closed at 'The Kitchen' and I'm getting ready to drive 30 minutes to meet boyfriend (AJ) at the gym; squeezing in my second order drop-off of the day beforehand. I took more hours at my vegan kitchen job at Shakti Life Kitchen so I could clearance out my merchandise on Etsy (prices are going back up soon, check 'er out if you need cheap wares) without worry from the income drop.  I'll be changing my brand name this coming January to go with my new direction, I'm going to get those reselling and indie business eBooks up, and I'm taking more consulting/indie business/design clients (e-mail me if you need help!)

From earlier today (via Instagram) orders to go out. Three more to get out tomorrow. Thanks for buying from my clearance everyone. Keep shopping, I need everything gone! (And you get great deals carefully curated vintage goodies, too!)

It's a little scary and overwhelming, but also exciting to work myself to exhaustion for this change. It'll be a lot of hard work up front, but it's going to pay off (literally) in the long-run with less hours worked (I put in a crazy amount for Thrift Core!), more income earned, and most importantly- moving completely in the creative direction I want to.

Remember today's lesson. It's scary to make the big changes, but if you're not worried and/or making mistakes, you're not living enough! Take some risks, make the sacrifices to live the life you really want to. It's so satisfying to work your hardest to accomplish your dreams every day.
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