Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Modern Boutique Hotel Stay at St. Augustine: A Peaceful Day-Cation at JayBird Inn

I've been working more than usual the past couple of weeks; clearing out as much merchandise as possible, more hours at my lovely raw vegan kitchen job, freelance client work, shipping stuff out, pain forever. The day of the planned day-cation to St. Augustine with my boyfriend I was stressed to near-tear level (mad at myself for glitches along the week, I'm a grotesque pedantic work perfectionist). I nearly passed out on a bike ride (more on that later) and we accidently missed breakfast ("free" fruit I wanted you so!) but we had a wonderful time. I had to share photos of JayBird Inn because it's absolutely gorgeous, the only modern hotel in "Old World" St. Augustine, Florida. A welcome surprise.

JayBird's bills itself as a boutique hotel for "active" people, offering free bike rentals! I love feeling the wind in my hairs again, I haven't replaced my woefully stolen bike, yet. I loved the natural color scheme featuring lots of blues, whites, and browns, the lovely had just the right mix of traditional/Old World European architecture left intact (that is after all, the whole appeal of our nation's "oldest city) and fresh modern touches. Adored the tropical potted plants, complimentary computers, and book rentals. The right side had "free" books (the whole Twilight series was there, untouched, ha! If it was the 50 Shades of Gray series I'd have taken it in the heartbeat, I'm dying to read it as a comedy) and the left had an array of fitness books.

I loved how the room had track lights that glowed and super sexy tile floors that mimicked hardware floor. The room was immaculate, spacious and restful.

My small/efficient space fetish ensures I document every hotel room in detail. Who doesn't love a washroom "mini kitchen" combo spot. A microwave, mini-fridge, coffee maker, sink, ironing board and iron and plenty of storage space exist in one corner.

The shower was huge with an "open" concept layout that reminded me of Japanese bathrooms. Very beautiful but the water took a long time to warm up and the way there was no division between the shower and floor...flooded the floor! Surprised there weren't more complaints about that in the reviews, you have to be sure nothing at all blocks in the drain in the slightest.

Loved the soothing blue color of the bathroom, too. Beautiful.

Look at the photo above, the start of the bridge is that white line waaay back yonder...I'm an idiot. 

After quickly settling in we rushed to rent our bikes and set out to the beach. It's been hot and humid as hell this month. (I will hear nothing of your of Pumpkin Spice lattes, bitches. I'm going to the beach and drinking coconut water. HOT.) I set off like a banshee speeding away happily to my favorite beach. You have to cross a huge bridge to get there, once I reached the top I started to feel waves of nausea and had to get off the bike and lay down for a while for it to pass.

Views from the bridge where I was stuck laying my head on AJ's lap for a while; feeling pale, defeated, and frustrated by the weak sack of flesh called my 'body.' Joggers passing by asked if I needed an ambulance, it was a pathetic sight. 

 I've been working out more and keep forgetting that you have to eat a hell of a lot more as a vegan "athlete". Add more food to that if you're in the heat because your body burns more calories to keep you cool. EAT YOU FOOLS, eat! I keep learning that lesson the hard way. I hadn't eaten since breakfast at that point. AJ had to help me get to the Publix right off the bridge where I loaded my empty tank food and hydration and immediately almost-completely felt better.

And gorgeous, peaceful Vilano beach along with a sea dip is always good for the soul, too. Replenishing.

And hugs, lots of those.

The bikes were fixed gears (your back petal to break), not the best bikes for beginners but they made pleasant chariots to ride to the town center, ample nearby thrift stores (3 good ones- didn't go, by the by) and of course, my favorite raw vegan restaurant, Present Moment.

The outside of the hotel matches the city's rustic, Spainard-style Floridian charm, belying the modern rooms.

This is where we would have enjoyed breakfast if we didn't miss it! Boo! It ended a little earlier than most places I've stayed at. I noticed all the photos in the rooms and the photos above had a purple/yellow theme and where photos of natural landscapes. Nice consistency, and the rest of the immaculate lobby had photos of various birds in their habitats.

Had to share more shots of the lobby, perfect mix of traditional and modern to my eyes and nice brick detail, too. There's a little gym and a pool that could have used some landscaping, it's the only inn pool I've stayed at in Florida that didn't feature palm trees and colorful flowers. I love my plants, dammit.

We would have been even happier if JayBird Inn was right on the beach but this it's at a great central location for exploring the whole city, close enough to the beach (bike to it with a free bike if desired but beware that sun- and I'm an experienced urban biker, man, damn you sun) and the other city's famous sights. At $90.00 a night, quite affordable, too and literally right next to the red trolly tours for city newbies. We'll definitely give this one a try again one day, maybe even splitting a double-bed room one with friends sometime.

I have a lot of dreams and I'm the type of entrepreneur that seems to want to try everything I see, but I'd love to start a little boutique hotel, kitschy hostel or bed and breakfast style spot of my own one day. To start it would be fun to be hired as a stylist for one. Someone hire me, I've got an innate knack for balanced composition and a huge stock of unique wares! Let me at it!

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  1. Love the hotel. Maybe you need to drag some nuts and dried fruit around with you as they are high in calories and meet your diet requirements. I heard that coconut water is good for hangovers - any truth? Not that I usually have any as am a 1 or 2 glass of booze kind of person.

    1. Yep, that's exactly what I bought at the store. The coconut water seems to have helped me with dehydration probs before but I'd drink it while boozing to prevent rather than cure hangovers, it's so much easier and less painful that way o_O Same here on 1-2 with booze on rare occasion.

    2. I love pistachios (unsalted) and dates to snack on, meant to add that *

  2. Looks like a great get away weekend, and love that pretty inn! Sorry about your bike incident, but at least it didn't derail your fun day. You need more of that relaxing fun time to counteract all that stress you've been going through. Play more = stress less! :) Pam

  3. Looks like a lovely hotel. I'll trade you a pumpkin latte for a hot beach. I can't even wear flip flops anymore. My feet froze this morning. :(

    1. Aw, the sucks :P I hate the cold, hate it. Boots are cute but putting my sundresses up and bringing down the sweaters is my saddest part of the year.

  4. camera visible in mirror or screens ? such a failure, fatasssss!

    1. Having myself visible in the reflections was intentional. Disagree on failure and fasssss [sic] accusations.

  5. These spaces are seriously beautiful!

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