Monday, March 14, 2016

Colorful Retro Market Inspiration at the Slightly Rainy Natural Life Music Festival

This weekend I was outside loading up on Vitamin D for two whole days straight and it was wonderful! I hit up yard sales and scored high ticket stuff I can use for markets for bottom dollar, plant shopped, and had a blast at the annual Natural Life Music Festival.

I thought I'd share a few shots of the displays and sights that inspired me the most. The marketer/designer in me couldn't help it! Like probably 95% of vintage collectors I'd love a retro van and/or RV like the one above. I will make that dream of driving across the US in one come true one day!

I love the rustic display here, very clever to use rough wood to make shelves.

The geode and natural stone keychains were gorgeous. The stones above had holes in the top for use as planters or votives.

I love seeing all the beautiful dogs whenever I'm at parks and markets but you rarely see cats! This adorable kitty was calm the whole day hanging out with her mom and even when swarmed by adoring crowds. Yuko would NOT have that. She can't tolerate new people even one at a time.

Who wouldn't love a food truck with a sax playing octopus in lime green? Beautiful and eye-catching.

And seeing other soap vendors out with their wares neatly wares out was inspiring, I can't wait to get our gorgeous, sweet-smelling soaps out to the markets this year! We have our next market at the Jacksonville Landing for Earth Day.

Are you going to any music/art/other festivals this spring and summer? I'm trying to get to (and into, as a vendor) as many as possible! So much work to do!
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  1. What an inspiring festival! I love the green retro van and all the animals, of course :) Oh, how I would love to walk around in shorts and sandals...

    1. We're grateful for the warmth, but I do want to see some damn snow next year!

    2. Oh and I loved the green van too, would take that in a heart beat.

  2. I love seeing how other vendors display their wares. I even have a pinterest board to collect inspirational pics just in case I ever decided to sell stuff one day :D

    1. Making displays is fun, I'd love admiring them even if I wasn't a market vendor.

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