Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Mid Century Modern New Tiki Floridian in St. Augustine, Florida: Nautical 1960s

This post is bought to you by The Curse of the Corn Maze. Last year I wanted to visit the corn maze in nearby St. Augustine Florida but client deadlines and other things kept me away. I had my chance to go this year but they closed the gates early! My friends Jill, Amber and I didn't let it ruin the day and spent some time in downtown St. Augustine where we visited the new and improved Floridan restaurant.

It was such a gorgeous 60s nautical mod treat that I had to share it here!

Up front their glass counter still hosts a large collection of tacky tourist salt and pepper shaker curios. I love them grouped together like this. That alligator ash tray, perfection.

And this whole statement wall with 60s bar, just beautiful. Those two colors, the eye-searingly bright greens and blues, are a couple of my favorites. They're energizing and just make me happy. The palate of green/blue/yellow and wood tones stays consistent throughout the space unifying it beautifully.

I'm looking to collect similar light fixtures (again, I had some I sold) I especially love that first one hanging there.

And just transfer every inch of this to my future dream home or the cafe/bar that exists in my brain too please, thanks. Of course I love the 60s light fixtures.

And what a clever way to display a prized vintage piece that make it a focal pointed with painted waves!? She looks beautiful.

And I enjoy this open shelving on curios too, basically everywhere you look, this place is a gorgeous well-curated kitschy-class goodness.

Even the bathroom wallpaper is beautiful, god damn. Love the high-low of of-the-moment trendy modern wallpaper and old fashioned vintage flower wall hangings.

And of course the food is amazing too. I always get the veggie burger with side salad but they had a pretty big menu for vegans and vegetarians which is always a plus for me.

Stilt walkers in downtown St. Augustine the same day. I love the holidays.

The Floridan is just our kind of vintage-filled beautiful space in my favorite old city.  I'm filed to the brim with inspiration and ideas after every visit.

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  1. The decor is so fun! I really love the wild wallpaper. It is great when a restaurant pays so much attention to its theme. The decorators must have had a blast shopping for it!

    1. I wonder if it was a space for some long-time personal collection too. Either way, the wallpapers and everything else came together beautifully.

  2. The interior of this restaurant is incredible! Veggie burger sounds yum! Cool stilt walkers :) Glad you had a nice lunch with your friends!

    1. Yeah I really enjoyed that time out aside from missing the corn maze.

  3. That looks like such a fun place to visit, I would love it! I love the Mid-Century decor.


    1. Same! I love going there whenever I'm in the area

  4. Love the bathroon wallpaper and the salt and pepper shaker collection :-)


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