Wednesday, February 22, 2017

DIY Boutique Shop or Outdoor Market Chalkboard Clipboard Signage: 2 Steps

Running a boutique and traveling frequently selling wares requires lots of sign making on my part! I'm often adding new goodies to our line up and I used to photograph them and make custom signs for every new item. My intention was to hang them from the clipboards I used in this DIY but, adding chalkboard paint to them makes these clip boards more multi-purpose. I can clip a sign back over them if desired, and they work as versatile signage in the meantime! 

Making these is so easy! You just mark off where you want your sign to be, marketing it off the same length on all sides in my case for a clean consistent look since I'm hanging by side-by-side.

And then I just painted them! I painted two thin layers of chalkboard paint and it works beautifully! I used a flat matt Waverly brand chalkboard paint. I got my clip boards from the dollar store but you can order them in bulk for less online and in a greater variety of sizes, too.

For the artists in the audience (or better letterers, you can tell my my perfunctory writing here lettering in chalk is not my thing!) this would be a cute way to art pieces to any room, I could see kids having fun with a wall of these in a nursery.

And I could see hanging one of these by your desk or in the kitchen to use as a TO-DO board, memo board, or a place to draw or write different mantras or different inspirational quotes. The clip board is utilitarian, modern and clean-looking and they have build-in "hanging" hardware at the top!  Have fun customizing your own, you can paint the board, use colored chalkboard paint, the sky's the limit with customization!
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  1. What a great idea, Vanessa! These look fabulous in your boutique and I was just thinking how cute your handwriting looks :)

    1. Aw, thanks Duni. I'm actually thinking of paying a chalkboard artist I know of (haha, yep) to draw on them but these work for now ;)

  2. So many uses for this chalk board, Vanessa. Utilitarian indeed! Thanks for sharing these great DIYs with us:) And seriously, you lettering rocks! Whatcha talking about?

    1. Thanks Emmy! I need to find some thinner chalk that's easier to letter with I was struggling with a short fat piece, haha :D

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