Thursday, June 1, 2017

May Business Review: Abundance is Here. A Busy, Stressful, but Beautiful Month.

Looking back at May Business as a whole all I can think the hell can something go by so fast and "so little" get done? Though that's not true. At all! Ever since opening our store I've been battling internal doubts and anxieties. Hence my need for looking back with gratitude post.  But as Hena said in the comments, that is easier said than done! I keep falling out of it. That's why these month look-backs can be so good for my spirit, it may seem like I'm not doing enough to my perfectionist-brain but we're actually accomplishing a lot. To get back into gratitude-listing I'll look back on the month in that style:

My reading from this morning. Abundance in three realms! Exciting!

This May, I'm grateful that we:

1) Hosted a hugely successful charity event on behalf of Yoga for Change
2) Got accepted to a big-time local art market in our neighborhood
3)  Finally buckled down and finished new PR materials to get us into said market
4)  Did well at five local events (seemed like so few compared to previously jam-packed schedules)
5) Got more caught-up on merchandise production (still more to go!)
6) Are closer to being done with inventory & the other boring-but-necessary bureaucratic stuff
7) Have abundance, we're putting away more capital & clearly growing!
8) That I finally streamlined the type of layout I've been wanting for outdoor market tent
9) Even have a shop and a brand where we call all the shots, it's not easy, we're still growing, but it 1000% beats answering to anyone else. Having control is such a pleasure!

My view from my desk at the shop where I'm usually working.

Most importantly: I know I have ALL THE INTERESTS (too many, so many) but I can focus on just growing ONE successful business and stop trying to divide myself all over the place. Do I get ideas, distractions, and temptations from this business path? Yes! But it's vastly improved.

Looking back at this month's events and markets. Top row Vagabond Flea. Bottom left: Mother's Day sale at the store Bottom Right: Yoga for Change Event 

On the personal side I've fallen back into cooking for pleasure again as was my original resolution for this year and I've cut caffeine out of my diet again, my adrenals and skin thank me. Caffeine can also makes you anxious and I don't need any more help with that!

This June I will:

1) Continue to cut the unimportant stuff so I can...
2) Have lots of free leisure time without working, reading, exploring and learning, without guilt!
3) Knock out ALL the tasks on my white board
4) Finish putting procedures in place for accuracy that reduces anxiety & gives us free time.

And really it's awesome that we're having to put procedures in place, growth always requires some of that! And right now being a little more caught-up on business things it's nice to be able to sit and write here and not be in scramble-mode. I can't wait to have more time here to write and be creative the for the rest of the year! It's been sorely missed, but I had to cut one thing for my sanity!

This June I'm looking forward to lots of explorations and time outdoors AND enjoying the indoor times reading and crafting and enjoying tea while the summer storms roll through! That all sounds too amazing!

How has business and life been for you in May? Are you ready for June? In the U.S (and maybe worldwide) Summer can be the slow months for retail, it gets nuclear-reactor-surface-of-the-sun uncomfortably humid and hot here in Florida so that contributes to the slowdown int he southern states. This is the time to ramp up and be prepared for the busy retail months of fall, winter, and (ah!) Christmas!

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  1. I love this posts! Seems you have done tons this month really. Its inspiring to read about your business and that you still manage to insert some charity activities between. Go girl!

  2. You've accomplished so much, Vanessa! Congratulations! I couldn't agree more with your #9 (calling all the shots) :) and how wonderful you hosted a charity event! May was unexpectedly busy for me too!

    1. I love that I can look back on boss drama as a thing of the past now and into the foreseeable future!

  3. What you listed are wonderful things to be thankful for, Vanessa:) Congrats! And the June goals are great....good luck:)

    1. Thanks Emmy, need all the luck I can get regarding working up the willpower to get out of my workspace and into the real world... :D

  4. Congratulations on another fulfilling month Vanessa! I completely agree that nothing beats self employment. So gratifying! Enjoy your summer. Lazy, hot days are good for the soul - at least I like to think so. :)

    1. I agree with the lazy hot day sentiment :)

  5. How very nice of you to host a charity event. I love the month of june. I've been waiting for months for good weather :-) Curious to see how your new market set up looks like.

    1. We'll always do a charity-thing if invited, they're always fun :) I'll be following up with a post on how our market set-up has evolved to the new one.

  6. It's so hard sometimes----I'm feelin' it as u know... Keep going, u got this :)

    1. Aw, thanks for the encouragement! We shall!

  7. I got a blog mention.. so sweet!
    Learning so much from you with every visit.

    1. No prob, your comment struck a nerve with me, haha.


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