Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thrift Finds 2017: Mid Century and Groovy 60s-70s Furniture and New Age Accessories

Like a former alcoholic has to stay away from the bars, I still don't do a lot of thrifting these days. It's too easy to impulse buy or think "I can sell this!" - former reseller woes! Yet I do want to ease my way back in to 2nd hand shopping. I'm at the point where we actually do need a few things to wear and use at home and our store! Here are some awesome scores that stuck to my core needs/wish list from the first half of the year!

Mid Century Modern hutch? Credenza?

This one was a total impulse I picked up right when we were painting and settling into our store. I thought it would make a nice check out desk but once we got it upstairs into our apartment is stayed there! I use it to hold books and craft supplies and thought the top part would make a nice bar when we have gatherings.

Wicker Chair

I found this light wicker chair at a yard sale. I use it behind my desk at the shop and my counselor friend that rents our store's second room (pictured above) uses it for her appointments. Dream score, I've been wanting one for years. I grew up with a couple of these with maroon and sky blue pillows, haha.

Coffee Table

This little coffee table was at the same yard sale. I believe it's handmade? Again I enjoyed the small size, perfect to add homeyness to our shop's class / creation space. I paid under $10 for both! I liked how they were so small and light that the fit in my compact car easily. I move furniture a lot so small pieces appeal to me.

1960s-70s Zodiac Crystal Ball

I paid more for this one 2nd hand than I normally would but it was such a neat piece. Perfect for someone who keeps going down the esoteric rabbit hole. It makes a fun photo or market prop. I didn't realize until I turned the store lights out, but it glows in the dark, too!

I'm totally willing to sell this one for the right price if anyone HAS to have it. If not if I take Tarot reading on the road with us and our natural body care goods, it would be the perfect thing to have on my table ;)

Orange Shag Rug

The shining fibers of this rug are so beautiful in-person, it's hard to capture on camera. There's a mix of colors giving it a neat multi-faceted affect, you move them and they shine like goldfish scales in the light. I bought this one from my friend Lia and we love sitting on it in the shop's 2nd room. I wanted it to live at home but my cat WILL destroy it, guaranteed. Anyway, it's nice to have something luxurious and textured in the room. It's the "high" to the rest of the room's "low" and just makes it so cozy.

I also found some miscellaneous bags and accessories I thought I was going to sell but I'm going  to donate them. I would go back and forth on turning my store's second room into a vintage clothing and accessories section but I MUST focus on selling one solid successful business so I can just have time to explore and live! No more vintage selling for now, dammit! Unless it's something extra unique and beautiful to keep and use. :) I also did some shopping for vintage clothing which I wanted to collect because fast-fashion falls apart instantly and I hate it, and ironically, the pretty 70s top I had unraveled completely upon first wear. Come on vintage, you're supposed to be worth investing in!

Have you been second-hand shopping lately? What's on your wish list? I'm always on the look out for high quality clothing, rugs, mod furniture (right now I particularly need lots of shelves/bookshelves) and unique display pieces & planters.
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  1. Yes! I'm an avid thrifter as well and it can be dangerous to let me loose in thrift shops hehe love your finds.

    1. It is SO dangerous for my minimalist AND super-cheapskate principles! haha

  2. Love what you found, I think the chair is my favorite!


    1. Can't beat a wicker chair for less than $5! :D

  3. Your finds are so cool! We had a wicker chair like that growing up too but one with the large rounded back. So fun! Its cushion had that golden color of your shag rug, big in those days. The table is gorgeous. It is hard to find quality, affordable solid wood pieces today so finding them second hand is the way to go. You will have it forever. I love that bag. I had one similar to it back in the day!

    1. Ours had a large rounded back too. We had the big one and a little short wicker one in a different style. It was mostly a seat for our cat! So agreed on going second hand for quality with furniture!

  4. AMAZING decor!!!!!! I am so unhappy with my house rn!!!! Inspo <3

    1. Thank you :) The room with the rug is actually our store's 2nd rental room. I wish we could take the rug home, haha1

  5. Oh wow! These are all great finds, Vanessa! I want all of them too!:D I've been looking for a coffee table like this, but haven't found one close to me that's of reasonable price. And also really loving the wicker chair and the credenza. As someone commented, they remind me of stuff I saw in my childhood:)
    Have a lovely weekend:)

    1. I got lucky with the few visits I've had. There's lot of vintage down here :)

  6. Wow, you really have a knack for finding cool 2nd hand items! The credenza offers great storage and looks beautiful too. I love the vintage typewriter on top :)
    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Duni! The typewriter was my mom's.

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