Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Thrift Store Goodies

This weekend we embarked on an aggressive Thrift Store Hunt for a chalk board. I didn't find one, but I didn't leave empty handed....

Halloween Tree Vintage Ornaments

I found a bag of small wooden Halloween ornaments for $1.45. They're perfect for my black Christmas tree (Halloween Tree?)

Halloween Tree Vintage Ornaments

The bag includes little ghosts, pumpkins, bats, and witches. Probably not true vintage like we crave, but still cute.

Retro Vintage 70s Owl Needlepoint Art

This large framed owl needlepoint piece came framed and it's in very good shape. I bought it to sell it but it's so lovely, I might keep it.

Retro Vintage 70s Mushroom Needlepoint Art

I'm also trying to decide if I will sell or make these charming needlepoint art pieces. I love the cozy home still lives and the retro mushroom art. I'll likely list them in my Etsy Shop.

I didn't find the object of my desires (chalk board) but that'll give me an excuse to get back to the thrift stores ASAP. Not like I need an excuse...

Retro Vintage 70s Mushroom Needlepoint Art

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  1. I would keep the OWL picture, so cute. And I love the wooden ornaments. You had fun with your scores. Thanks for sharing!!~ Debbie

  2. You can make your own chalkboard with a mirror or picture frame w/ glass-

    Love reading your blog and seeing all your thrifty finds.

  3. cute..happy thrifting! My teenager told me I should get a job as a cashier at 1 of the "junk" shops I love to frequent. lol

  4. You know how it works. As soon as you find one board you will find several and all at $1 or less. As a PP said, you can make one almost easily. Find a frame you like, or even an old baking pan or something else with a raised edge, or a serving platter, etc. Use the chalkboard paint in the desired area. Can lean or add a hanger.

  5. I love the tips on making a chalk board! However, with the cost of chalk board paint and my lack of time (3-4 hours each weekday) it would be better to buy one at retail price than to spend the time and money to make one.

    Isn't the paint expensive? Oh, Thrift Stores, please print me a $1 Chalk Board!

  6. Fun finds! Good luck with the hunt!

  7. You found some fun things, lovin' your wooden ornaments!

  8. The chalkboard paint (I used the spray paint kind) was only $5 and it only took about 20 mins or less to do.

  9. Totally loving these finds here, lady!! Way to go! I'm happy to be your newest follower of your delightful blog and would love to have you as a friend at FrouFrou Decor! Be sure to link up your sweet creations each week at my Fabulous Friday Finds party! Hope to see you there!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrou Decor~

  10. I LOVE the Sunset Designs kits, especially the embroidery kits. They had some kick ass technical writers back then! Makes it VERY easy to learn and follow their instructions.

  11. I love the Halloween tree! Did you find it black or did you paint it that way?

    Check the dollar stores..they often have small chalkboards!

    I am enjoying your blog. Stop by and visit me sometime over at Free 2 Be Frugal!

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