Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thriftcore's Thrifting Essentials Part I

I approach thrifting like an archeologist excavation; you need the right tools to easily unearth treasure. Below are my basic thrifting essentials.

1. Notebooks and Pens: Have one notepad to keep your weekly thrift lists. Cross off each item you find and write the price next to it so you have a sexy tangible list of how much you've saved!  

2. Shopping Bag: Not all thrift stores have shopping carts of baskets. Keep a shopping bag in your car just in case.I use the beautifully designed recycled ones from

3. Hand Lotion and Hand Sanitizer: It's handy to have hand sanitizer to clean dirt and dust until you access a sink. Hand Lotion is my essential because dust, dirty, and frequent washing saps moisture from your hands. Use a non-greasy formula or dust will stick to you!

 Successful Haul of Thrift Goods using my Thrifting Essentials (Details Here)

4. Measuring Tape: I NEVER leave the house without my rolled up bit of measuring tape. I'm always looking for frames, mat, and bits of furniture that have to be JUST the right size, so this is a vital tool.

5. Your Fancy Phones: Connect to the web and see if an item is valuable BEFORE you bring it home.

I never connect to the web via a phone. Call me old fashioned, but I like to take extended breaks from any internet usage. It's necessary because I work in internet marketing and use the internet ALL day every week day.

On to Part II: As thrifters we like to peek into the past and into other people's lives. We're part voyeur, admit it. Next time I'll give you an exclusive peek inside my bag of thrifty essentials and provide more detailed descriptions. If you have any particular questions about thrifting tools and goods you want answered in future posts, let me know!

What are YOUR Thrift Store and Junking Essentials? I'd really like to know, share your secrets!
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  1. Great tips that also work for trash picking! I keep an upright shopping cart in the car, a small snack & bottle of water in my bag, and wear clothes that are easy to try other clothes on over, which saves time & energy. Though it should be a no-brainer, always wear comfortable shoes & layer clothes for temperature differences.

  2. All good tips Amy. Comfortable shoes and clothes are a must! I try to remember to always pack ample snacks 'cause thrifting and junking works up an appetite!

  3. I love the idea of a "sexy tangible list" (!!!) Might just have to implement this one, thanks!

  4. Great tips Van.

    The biggest lesson I have learned over time is "be prepared to walk away empty handed".

    It's not a bargain if you will never use/wear it.

  5. Mel- excellent tips that I'm going to take to heart this weekend. I'm going to be extra picky since I already have a bit of stock to sell and I want to save a lot this paycheck.


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