Friday, October 15, 2010

Thrifter Tips: The Top 5 Ways to Organize Your Bookshelves

Organized Bookshelf of Thrifty Fun
My dining room/library/craft space in my small apartment.

Your eclectic collection of books and knick knacks is making your bookshelves look more like Sanford and Son than a dream library. I had the same issues, and applied the following solutions to organize my bookshelves.

1. Purge: Don't read it? Don't love it? Purge it! I sell my unused books and DVDs to Chamberlain Book Mine, our local pimp master of used book stores.

2. Facing: To project the image of a perfectly stocked store, retail chains practice facing; they pull all products to the front of the shelf or display. Pull your books forward so the books in your bookshelf are even all the way across to instantly eliminate chaos.

3. Organize: From here, start to rearrange the books on the shelf. All sets and volumes should be together, in order. Arrange books in order of height, color, or alphabetically; whatever pleases your eye and makes the books 100% assessable.

4. Think Groups: Arrange your collections in groups in the spaces between your books. Collections always look best grouped together. You can do common objects, shapes or themes. You can play with mix-matched items and work it until you have a balanced arrangement.

5. Bookshelf Backdrops: Use fabric, paper, or paint to give your bookshelf a backdrop if you crave more details or harmony.

Using these bookshelf organizing tips you should have a better balanced bookshelf in minutes. Thrifters can get out of control when the books and knick knack cost mere pocket change, but with a little artful rearranging (and purging!) you can make it work (and make room for more thrifty goodies)!

By the way... I'll announce the winners of my Vintage Halloween Giveaway on Monday. You have one more weekend to enter! Good luck!

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  1. Great tips! I did a lot of research before I did my bookcase makeover and looked for display ideas that I thought were appealing. I really like groups of things in different stacks and angles to add variety. I also decided to only use hard cover books so they would all look more uniform.

  2. Great tips, bookshelves always stump me so I always love learning new tips!

  3. Good tips. I really love bookshelves that have a patterned or colored backdrop. Re: purging. Yes! That's a great idea. Because we read so much here, we've found 2 resources that are great for purging and for 'recycling' our books: local bookstores that offer trade-in credit and Paperback Swap.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

  4. facing, huh! so that's what that thing i do is called :) thanks for teaching me something new.

    and i've said it before... books are the best decor, but yes, they can look unruly at times. i only keep my most favourite books, and still feel the need for more space.

  5. What a great idea! A few months ago I was building a new bookcase that I absolutely adore. But it took me much longer to organize the books than putting the actual case together. Of course, after two hour of moving books around and adjusting the shelf height, I stand to admire the finished product...and don't you know we had this huge blackout in the neighborhood and I couldn't see the final product until the next morning! Oh well, thanks for the helpful tips!

  6. yay tips!


  7. I am obsessed with rearranging bookcases and looking at beautiful bookcases in general. Have you seen this blog? She posts a bookcase of the day, and OH MY, they are beautiful!

  8. Amanda- thanks for sharing. Those bookshelves are AMAAZING! Such eye-candy!

  9. Sparrow's Nest- That kitchen floor SEDUCED ME, it's one of the reasons I chose that apartment. But it's impossible to keep it clean! Never again!

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