Friday, August 19, 2011

Come With Me on a Kitschy Florida Road Trip

My vintage suitcase filled with all the necesities at our hotel in Sarasota. Next, the Florida Keys!

Remember when I said I was going to hit up all the wacky tacky vintage fun Florida has to offer this summer? My car broke down after the first adventure, but in true unpredictable adventure spirit I've hitched a ride south to the Florida Keys to make up for my lack of Summer explorations!

Summer is my time. Road trips, tiny dresses, picnics, hot days, cold beers, sexy music, the way a hazy summer day looks like a sepia photo...there's something so vintage and magical about the entire delicious season. Summer's not only vintage, it's nostalgic. We remember road trips with the family, leisurely school-free days, and hours in the pool. Don't you miss those simpler times?

The view from our hotel room in Sarasota, the flowers outside, and sunset at the beach last night...

The days won't cool for months here in Florida, but I'm mentally preparing for my glorious summertime to end and for Autumn to take over. Luckily there was one epic road trip literally beginning where Florida starts and concluding where Florida ends help me send "summer" off right.

What thrift (summer) adventures are you getting into this weekend?
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  1. i love summer too, missing it already...

  2. Have tons of fun on your trip!!! I miss living in FL (Tampa Bay is where I laid my head for 12 wonderful years), but have immensely enjoyed being a Cali gal too!
    Cheers ~ Lara

  3. I hope you're having a great time! Can't wait to see pics from your adventure. My weekend is packed with non-thrifting activities, so I'm a little jealous of your road trip! I am going to a luau tomorrow so I can't complain too much! Time to bust out some tiki =)

  4. My summer adventures include getting ready for Christmas, if you can believe that!! I always make homemade gifts for my girlfriends and I've finally narrowed down the choices and will be getting underway with my perpetual gratitude berry baskets, along with some homemade Scrabble tile ornaments and a few other things that are keeping me awake at night!!

    Enjoy your sounds fun!

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  6. Enjoy your time in Sarasota! It is a beautiful city~

  7. sorry to hear about your car but glad you found a way to make it work! wish i was along with you for the ride! i need more kitschiness in my life!

  8. Lara: I need to explore all Tampa has to offer next! Bet there's 1 million amazing thrift stores there!

    Flo: Luau sounds amazing! I was with non-thrifters on this trip so I couldn't even stop at one place, but we still had a blast!

  9. Carla: That's on my agenda to do next, NOW is the time to make Christmas merch and gifts. I will not be working on that crap come November! It'll be done before the end of next month and I'll just RELAX all Christmas season....

    So I hope~ :)

    Lisa: My best friend goes to college there so I visit every chance I get it. I love it, I'm tempted to move there and set up a vintage shop every time I visit.

  10. cb: Thank you :) My little Suzuki that could works, but I wouldn't trust it for long distances like the 8 hour drive to the Florida Keys!


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