Monday, August 29, 2011

Thrift Haul: Hunt for the Golden Treasure + Special Announcement

While I was in Key West getting my sea-and-sun on last weekend, my thrifty pals Nicole and Ed were hunting in our go-to flea market when they discovered a golden mounted vagina! They passed on it, so I prowled for it this Sunday and didn't find it. Boo, I wanted display in my bathroom with pride.  

Oh well, I found plenty of vintage goodness to make up for it on the fruitless hunt for kitschy mounted genitalia that shine like golden koi scales! (Who could wish for a more kitschy find?)

Notice the new photo back drop? I'm so on-the-go lately I can't even stop at home to take photos! I went across the street during my favorite caf├ęs Art Auction and snapped these photos in the hot-as-balls Florida heat! I'll have to try outdoor photos more, these didn't come out too bad!

Next cool find, hell yes, a portable drink mixing set! This is the kind of groovy practical thing I love to resell and it's in beautiful condition. Expect it in the antique store shortly!

Next, this sweet little needlepoint pair I found for a song, they'll need some cleaning but they're worth the trouble.

And books! I love the illustrations in children's books, the Disney one pictured had very accurate well-rendured illustrations, the Richard Scary illustrations are as charming as ever, and the vintage Wizard of Oz book is a Gem. One of the books is a huge collection of iron-on transfers in perfect condition.

My favorite book find is this collection of Garish Gardens and Outlandish lawns. I love how I could have used the pile of "junk" I found the book in to create an outlandish lawn of my own!

Next, I wheeled-and-dealed with a nice flea market vendor trying to get rid of some vintage. I got a beautiful horse and deer lamp, neat 30s-40s era pitcher, McCoy potter planters and two 40s era tumblers.

And look, transformers! My "Toy Guy" at the Bargain House of Fleas gave me a great deal on this beautiful vintage Soundwave Eraser. These babies are hard to find in perfect condition, imagine cruel kids actually using these sexy little robot toys, rubbing them to nothing? For shame!

And finally, I found more charming vintage cooking pamphlets and a vintage Florida souvenir at a thrift store. I think I'm going to start a collection of vintage Florida collectibles. After over a decade here I'm starting to call this trippy kitschy peninsula my "Home".

Special Thrift Core Announcement Time:

Five Points Coffee and Spice fundraiser and art auction was a success! 

I'm starting up that Dream Shop I've been musing about! It's going to be a combination Antique Store, Coffee Shop, and Art Gallery. We're setting it up in the Riverside Area, no definite start date yet. We've already got very talented local artists, bakers, and crafters involved.

I'll keep on being brutally honest on every step of the process. Through the goods and the bads, you'll have the real scoop. We're going to keep it gender neutral with treasures for the girls and the boys. Any clothing will be for all shapes and sizes.From teenie tiny to plus sizes, Thrift Core's got your back!

We're going to host fun raffles, and unique fundraisers soon with all sorts of vintage prizes and excellent local art. I would love for you to be part of this personal story. Your suggestions and participation is appreciated. We want this to be something that benefits the community in many ways (art/craft nights, garden nights, stuff for kids, sky's the limit!), and we're beyond excited to turn the dream into a reality.

Thank you so much already just for reading! We can't wait to show off the shop when it's done! All suggestions are encouraged, leave 'em in the comments. We need info! Let me know what you want me to write about and contact me if you'd like to contribute to the cause.

What did you find at the thrifts this weekend?

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  1. This is a little down the road, but something that I always thought would be helpful to local businesses is to really get the community involved. I love what Emily started in Five Points, but I've always thought that owners could do even more. I know that it can take a LOT of time and energy, but community is so important to me and so integral to helping local businesses, I think. I would keep all the local organizations (from the preservation society to the Riverkeeper) in mind, stay up on their events, offer help, organize events that include them. Since you're near inner-city schools, you can even reach out to high school students, offer part-time know, just get really involved. It's what I've always thought was lacking in every small-town community. Their is often this separation, a kind of every-man-for-himself...maybe because it can be difficult to work with people or because it is time-consuming. I know that I would much more appreciate a business who seemed invested in me and my neighborhood and not just my dollars.

    Ok, that was long! But I really hope this goes well. I'm going to try to take some time later this week or next week to do some research on grants and loans. I've got a craft show this Saturday and lots of sewing to do, so maybe next week...but I am going to throw my hand in and help as much as possible!

  2. great thrifty finds as usual Van and that's exciting/wonderful/lovely news about your shop...
    Speaking of vaginas, I saw a sticker in someone's back window at the traffic lights yesterday, it said: "Dance like your Vagina's on Fire!" I kept re-reading it, in case I'd got it wrong. But yep, that's exactly what it said.
    No match for "your" golden vagina, but still...

  3. amazing finds....and congrats on your shop! I can't wait to be with you through the process!!!

  4. We're on the SAAAME wave-length Fenn! All of us involved in this project went to poor, inner-city schools, so we're all about giving back and having after-hours art and creativity glasses for these students.

    We want organizations to meet at the shop afterwards, craft nights, various classes, internships, we're working hard to make this a true community project.

    I appreciate your remote help! We'll need it! :)

  5. I love that portable bar! When I find those they're not complete. Great idea about combining an Antique Store, Coffee Shop, and Art Gallery together.

  6. Kylie: I love that! Great analogy for some wild dancing!

  7. Marcia: Thanks for reading about it, your artful suggestions are always welcome, too.

    Tonia: Ah-ha, portable bar, that's what it's called! ;)

  8. I must travel when you open that storee at least a little get away weekend!!! If I lived there I would totally bake cupcakes for your shop <3

    I luv your street photos <3 take your finds out more they look really cool Im crushing on your mailbox, and the portable drink mixer.

    The garish garden photo is hilarious!!

  9. Miss Lou: I would love that! And thanks for the compliment on the street shots!

    In the meantime, if you (or anyone else reading this) makes jewelry, crafts, or sews, we'll be interested in buying goods wholesale for the shop.

    We're especially interested in guy stuff, not enough crafts for the guys out there.

  10. I love your first photo. The color combo with the sidewalk as a back drop is nice. That little fan is so my style. Nice finds!

  11. Nichole: Thank you, I love the little fan too. These photos show I need to take more outdoor thrift haul photos!

  12. It is awesome that you are going for it. I have a few pieces of my own art I could donate if you’re interested. Plus if you need some able hands I’m available. Of course when I hear opening a shop I tend to think of all the boring things (licensing, sales tax, revenue building etc). Since it is part coffee shop maybe you can work out some deal with Bold Bean. Also I’m a bit of a coffee cup fanatic I have tons….it would be rather cool to have a bunch of hooks on the wall and use some for art (arrange by color or pattern)….or even let people pick their own when they are staying in house. In the winter around Christmas maybe a fun “Build a ginger bread house” kids night…Ok I will stop rambling now…
    Good luck


  13. Becca, I love your suggestions already! We need to meet up and chat about it, we're neighbors ;) Birdie bragged about your Mod-filled home, you've gotta let me explore it with my nosy camera.

    The art donations would be appreciated. We're trying to have our first fund raiser at Bold City as soon as possible! I'll e-mail you with details.

    (Gingerbread house night, yum, do want!)

  14. How exciting...congratulations on starting down the path of bringing this dream to life!

  15. Brittany: Thank you! I'll keep you posted at every step along the way.

  16. wow so awesome and SOOOO excited for you! i wish i lived near you so that i could hang out and drink coffee while shop! love love the idea!!

  17. Please add me to the list of volunteers to help!! I would love to do what I can. I have a passion for organizing and would gladly lend a hand!

  18. cb: I wish you could stop by too ;) I'll keep you updated on it all vicariously through the blog.

    Carla: Aw, thank you! I'd love your help, I'm in awe of your colorful creations and organization skills. I'll e-mail ya with some details shortly.

  19. I found the excact same vintage souvenir plate as you - only for the state of Washington!! But I found it in the Arctic. Must be the same manufacturer. Take a look:

  20. Van - Wow! I'm so excited about your shop! Turning dreams into reality always involves a lot of hard work but that's always the most rewarding stuff, right? Sounds like you've surrounded yourself with fantastic people and will really be able to make a great impact. I'm really looking forward to hearing more!

    I do have one suggestion, which is a little silly. But I think an 80s night where you show a flick like Goonies or Pretty in Pink or Transformers the Movie would be awesome! (Heck, there could be a whole "Homage to John Hughes" month!) I don't know if that's a good suggestion or not - but if that were happening in my area, I'd go!

    Your finds this week are amazing. What a haul! I'm so taken with pottery right now. That shot of your McCoy planters made me drool a little. Just a little.

  21. I can't wait to hear more about your startup process! You are so inspirational.

    And OMG golden vagina! Wow. Just, wow.

  22. Arctic Mum: Loved your finds and your Washington plate. Is it...really snowing up there. I'm in awe, it's so hot down here ;)

  23. Flo: Yep, hard work, but we have to reach for our dreams! I'll keep you updated.

    I love how we're all on the same wavelength, we have fun 80s nights, manga/anime/video game nerd nights and such planned.

    Our first fundraiser is going to be an 80s art themed one! :D There WILL be transformers.

  24. Monogirl: I may find that vagina yet now that I have more leads. I'm hunting 'er down!

    Thank you for the kind words, it means a lot that you're reading along!

  25. oh the list of my weekend treasures is long......blogged about my favorite today. add to the list an awesome, mint condition, wwii marine dress tunic/jacket, vintage gi joes in foot locker, pretty milk glass, a calvin klein leather belt. i was a happy camper.

  26. ps- so happy to hear you're making the jump to your Dream Shop. Maybe that's what you should call it.

    Suggestions........PR!!!! Get the word out. If you need tips, shoot me a line. I've been had my own pr, marketing and adv business for 17+ years and I work exclusively with small business owners.

    You're gonna rock it!

  27. Ohh! So awesome about your shop! Congrats Van!

    Love that little fan!

  28. Pam: Yes indeed, I'm starting on that PR machine with fury. I would absolutely love your help, so I'll definitely write some things down and hit you up!

    Love your pretty blog, I'll check it out in more detail as soon as I can!

  29. Jordan: The fan is a beauty, I'm sure it will sell quickly, but I kind of want to keep it for my shop.

    That's when you know it'll sell, when you wanna keep it.

    Thanks for the kind words- your stuff is coming to you this week, I promise! :)

  30. Whoa, you're definitely living my dream, I've been wanting to open up a coffee shop/gallery/antique shop for years but sadly don't have the capital to do so. How are you handling the business end? I'm horrible with finances so am curious how a young small business owner handles the business side. I'll be glued to your blog in the coming weeks to read about the progress of your store!

  31. Leilani: We're overwhelmed beginners doing all of this but we're going to make it happen.

    We'll keep you updated on how we get this thing up and running! I want to help the readers make their dreams come true, too!

  32. OK, thanks Van! Can't wait to carry that E.T. tote around town!

    I'm like Leilani, I'm going to be glued too. I want to open a consignment shop, sorta like a petite antique mall, in Kensington Market here in the city. We don't have anything like that downtown & I think it would do very well.

    So excited for you!!

  33. Great finds and I'm very excited for you on your new venture, sounds like just the sort of place I'd love to hang out :-)

  34. Love your finds! And, just like everyone else, I can't wait to see how the new venture turns out!

  35. Sit Thrift-A-Lot: You'll love it, it's the cutest vintage tote I've ever seen.

    And don't stop dreaming, your idea sounds amazing, especially with it being the first-of-a-kind in your area.

  36. Alice: Thank you! Wish you weren't a world-away so you could come hang out ;)

    Bit of Butter: Thank you, I'll keep everyone posted!

  37. So happy for you that your dream shop is moving toward reality. If I ever get to Florida, it will be on my list to visit. Good luck and thanks for your frank, open discussion of this hobby, passion, business.
    Karen G

  38. Whoah. Mounted vagina?!?!?!?!!!! We have a Chinese Restaurant here called Gary's Golden China, which is often referred to as The Golden Vagina! How appropriate is that? I would have bought that thing in a heart beat!

  39. my goodness van, i kept reading and scrolling down just admiring (and laughing) at some of your finds -- entertaining, always -- but you're opening up a new venture! how exciting. all the best and i can't wait to read more about it.

    hope you've been enjoying your summer, "hot as balls" and all lol

  40. Karen: Thank you for reading the adding your feedback!

  41. Amber: Me too! Too bad I wasn't with them on that one, it would have been mine to display gleefully!

  42. Ana: Ah-ha, there you are! I've been enjoying the hot as balls summer (when I rush through posts my "real voice" comes out more, tee-hee) and I'm so happy we always have along one here in Florida!

    I'm working with an amazing group to make the shop a reality. It's official and we're all beyond excited. Thanks for always reading and for your sweet, honest feedback!

  43. Great finds, as usual. Right now on the back to school aisles there are the "Cars" movie erasers. I said the same thing - who would want to wreck them by using them!
    Super exciting announcement. I am sure I will pass along ideas and encouragement throughout the process. I am still trying to just get an antique BOOTH possible. (Surrounded by family nay-sayers.)
    If you ever hit a rough patch or seemingly insurmountable obstacle, ask us, your believers, and we will help you in any way we can.
    You have been help to each of us here and are a true inspiration... Go live those DREAMS.

  44. Dogsmom: Thank you so much for always reading. Ignore the Nay-sayers and jump for it. You cannot learn unless you try!

    Everyone's help will be so appreciated on this journey! I'll be asking in the coming months; starting a kick starter and doing more fun interactive fundraisers.

    I'll keep all informed along the way because I want to help everyone else achieve their dreams, too!


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