Monday, August 1, 2011

Thrift Haul: The Busy Hunter's Flop Week (They Happen)

I had to show off my new dinosaur still life in the living room with my giant dinosaur toys and the dinosaur painting I found at the flea market last weekend. The shogun warrior Godzilla is a special 70s toy sent to me by Thrift Core reader/my twitter pal Scott. Thank you, Scott! I love it!

For the first time in a while, I didn't find anything to resell this weekend! One reason is that I'm being more discriminate about what I pick up to resell with my antique store sales still going slowly (and with a few boxes of things I already need to sell plaguing me!) 

[This weekend I found one work dress and three sun dresses. The end.]

Another reason is that I just didn't hit up as many thrift stores and flea markets as I usually do. I was so damn busy I rarely rested from one project to the next! So in the photo above you'll see my finds...a few sundresses; my summer uniform.

[Quick webcam shot this morning before rushing to work] 

My favorite dress find of the weekend is this nifty purple dress. I rarely see this color and the fit is perfect. It was like new with a tag still hanging from it. Speaking of dresses...

I like to pay no more than $1.00-$2.00 for second hand clothing. The Goodwills around here have raised dress prices to $6.00, sometimes more than that. I'm a cheap bastard and I miss those $1.00 Goodwill clothing days, dammit! I'm sure you do, too!

What did you find at the thrifts this weekend? Were they good to you?

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  1. Part of me is really annoyed to see Goodwill prices raised. Part of me understands inflation, etc. But still, it seems kind of ridiculous to me.

  2. Fenn: Yep, same here. I know they need to make some money and the cost of running the stores has increased, but they're still getting their merchandise for free...

  3. Luckily in my area we still have $1 days every Thursday on the colored tag of the week! Great dresses!

  4. I was gonna say, Thursday dollar day. Dresses here are 9.99! Thats there general area if they think its a top brand it can be upwards to $20.00 even more. The funny thing is they wouldn't know a true designer if it beat them on the head. Ann Taylor loft tank $9.99, Marc Jacobs top, $3.99. Ohhh yeah!:) PS make sure there's not a clearance center around you either. In big cities there usually are, they just don't advertise them heavily at all. It can be kinda tough to find them.

  5. Liz: There are a couple of stores here that always have $1 clothes, ironically I rarely find things there or when they have the sales ;)

    Dhammma: Ah-ha, you just reminded me that we do a Goodwill "pound store" in Jacksonville where you can buy goodies by the pound, but it closes at 3 on the weekdays and at noon on the weekends, making it tricky to get to.

    I've seen thrift dresses upwards of $20, too. HAHAHAHA! No. I couldn't pay it!

  6. nice finds. and the dino painting is awesome. take a look at my blog, i'd love your opinion on my discussion about Value Village's changes.

  7. Angelika: I took a look and commented ;)

  8. Im cheap too I love the $1 n $2 deals lol cute dresses

  9. It's always a deal if you LOVE it, right? It's been slim pickens here as well. Not a single estate sale last weekend (my weakness) but starting Thursday - the World's Longest Yard Sale!

  10. Miss Lou: Good thing there's still PLENTY of those deals around. Especially at flea markets, yard sales, dumpsters... ;)

    DearHelenHartman: Next weekend I'm going on an Epic thrift adventure as well! I better pack lunches and get mentally prepared, we're doing it big!

  11. I'm with ya, seems mostly they have just seriously raised prices on the better brand names, it's like they finally realized they are better, LOL. Cute dresses!

  12. I've noticed a price hike in the clothing at Goodwill here too, Van. I'm not pleased, lol. And sadly in my parts many of the Salvation Army shops are without fitting rooms so rarely am I conviced to buy something based on how it looks on the hanger.

    Oh and I posted as a comment on one of my recent posts...but I'm in the process of making you a care package for Japan. E-mail me your mailing address so I can ship it off to when it's finished!

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  13. Ms. Lane: Damn them, damn them all! ;)

    Jackie: I hate it when thrift stores don't have fitting rooms. I will try things on over my clothes though! When you wear sundresses it's pretty easy!

    And I shall e-mail you my info, thank you so much, that is so sweet of you!

  14. I agree you can't beat $1 prices at garage sales for most clothing items, but I love to shop at Round Robin for some of my "nicer" pieces...they have 50% off most tags a lot of the time and you can find Gap, Banana Republic, etc., for cheap!! I find outfits for $7 total and have the biggest smile when I get compliments from friends.


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