Thursday, July 12, 2012

Easy and Thrifty DIY: 10 Minute Total Shelf Makeover

I love a quick and easy DIY project that I can knock out in minutes; then bask in the satisfaction of another completed craft. This time I'm sharing an easy thrifted object before/after that might have you looking differently at CD cases in your local thrift stores!

I found this CD case at our Local Goodwill pound store. For less than one buck I thought it might make a nice addition to my antique store booth as a knick-knack display and small piece of merchandise. I took it home and got to work.

From there it may have been even less than five minutes to the finished product:

1) After ripping out the CD slots, I measured the insides then cut three pieces of my favorite IKEA fabric (From my IKEA pilgrimage) to size. 2) Used a sponge brush to apply a very thin layer of Mod Podge to the shelve backs- a little bit goes a long way! 3) Then adhered the strips to the cleaned shelf backs were they stuck hard and dried nearly immediately. 

Small shelves like these are perfect for stacking art supplies, toys, and all the other fun mini collectibles we find at the thrift stores. Think outside the box with objects you find, all it takes is some imagination and a few minutes to transform a one-purpose item into something more.

What's your favorite quick and easy Thrifty DIY project?
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  1. Oh! This is totally a Reuse Roundup project! Please link with me! :D

    I love the idea of reusing CD racks. I find them all the time in thrift stores just taking up space.

    1. Oh, definitely gotta join this Reuse Roundup! :) Congrats on your Huffington Post feature too, just saw that.

      And agreed, I like the idea of making the CD racks useful again, since most of us don't store data on CDs anymore.

  2. Totally genius - a brilliant re-use, and a quick and easy makeover. Perfect.

    Thanks Van. I will be shamelessly copying your idea.

    1. Do it! :) It's addictive, you'll want to mod podge fabric to everything!

  3. I will have to check out the fabric selection at Ikea - that would be fun on the shelves in our booth.

    1. Yep, they have amaaazing fabric. Last time I went to the one in Orlando it looked like the were phasing it out, though.

  4. LOVE it! Cool little place for your dinosaurs to hang out :-)

    1. Thanks :) It's hosting other critters at the shop for now.

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