Monday, July 2, 2012

Thrift Haul: Score! Free and $1.00 Mid Cenutry Modern Furniture!

The curbsides and flea markets were kind to me the past couple of weeks! The nightstand (side table?) above was a mere $1.00 and has a beautiful mod shape! There's a lot of damage on the faux wood laminate, but it'll be a fun project. What do you think, should I paint it, decoupage it, or cover it with more faux wood laminate?

The mod side table wasn't my only dream find- I've always wanted a little red wagon like this. I finally found one for the right price. I'm going to sell this one for $12, but I'm tempted to keep it for retail or home display.

Practical items like this small wooden shelf are great to sell in my antique store booths. I'm going to work on this one. Expect a before/after soon!

I always have pretty good luck with these antique-style brass desk lamps as well. This one is for sale for $12.00. I can't wait to put it in the antique store booth today!

I  was thrilled to uncover this adorable little sailor girl and kitten vintage art prints. I love these stacked in a book shelf or hung on the wall. I'm letting these go for $15.00 for the pair today as a daily deal. Simply e-mail me if interested.

This is my free mod furniture find! I luckily happened to be riding with my friend in his truck when this beauty appeared on a neighbor's trash pile. It definitely needs some TLC, but it has good bones. Definitely worth scooping up as a project. If you're local and you're interested in the nightstand or the coffee table simply drop me a line!

This large fish bowl will be used for retail display. The whale sticker is cute, but I'm peeling it off  so customers can see my merchandise within unhindered.

Oh, and I even got to satisfy my boat fetish with this lovely boat plaque. I can almost smell the fresh, salty air and feel the sea breeze. Lovely!

The silly Yuko cat still loves to play in my boxes for merchandise! Remember, everything I post in these haul posts is for sale. Simply e-mail if you see anything you like :) I also host daily deals with the lowest possible prices on Facebook and Twitter.

So Do Tell: What did you find this weekend?
Share a link to you blog in the comments, I'd love to see!

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  1. Awesome finds. Cannot beat FREE and $1. Love your sofa. I have been trolling CL for a vintage MCM sofa for 2 months now.

    1. I found my on CL for $200 two years ago when I was in desperate need of a couch:

      Keep hunting, you'll find one eventually!

  2. Great finds but think my favorite is the sailor girl!

    My post from this morning has a couple of pictures of my thrifted treasures:

    1. Thanks for sharing, that cow shelf is hilarious! The sailor girl is one of my favorite finds of the week, too.

  3. omg Van, a $1 mcm night stand?? Wow! And this is too funny but I have that almost exact same coffee table! Great minds think alike. :D

  4. That table for $1 is such a score. Maybe keep it in wood laminate? I found that same sailor girl picture at a Goodwill in Wisconsin years back. A few friends found her creepy but I think she's adorable. Unfortunately, a flood got the best of her. Also, that Las Vegas sign is beyond awesome. Great finds.

    1. I was thinking the same thing with the wood laminate, might punch it up a bit with some color or different textures of laminate, but I kind of want to keep it classic.

      Sorry the flood got the best of your girl, kind of makes me want to frame my favorite pieces... ;p

      Thanks on the Vegas sign, it's my favorite Vegas souvenir :) I should actually use it to save up for my trip back to that place!

  5. Decoupage the nightstand - that would look cool. Good Karma that you were in your friends truck when the coffee table appeared roadside.

    1. I have thought of decoupaging the top with transformer's comic book pages and pouring resin over it, hmm...And yes, good thing I was in my friend's truck! My wouldn't really accommodate it!

  6. Wow, you're so lucky! I'd love to find some mod pieces like that for free/dirt cheap some day! :)

  7. Oh yes, upscale the nightstand, something great for a kids room maybe with your style of robots, dinosaurs, legos. Images from old comic books or magazines, and handles made from old toys, and a cool paint job, how awesome that would be.

    1. You're reading my mind, Victoria ;) I'll play around and come up with something playful that also respects the original style.

  8. Great shape on that coffee table!!

    thought of you at the Big Garage Sale this weekend with a few booths sporting big buckets of plastic toy figures to rummage through!

    1. Indeed, it'll probably go quick in front of the antique stores even with its damage.

      You know I looove my toys ;) Might do a similar set up when I'm finally ready to sell my toys.

  9. Love the furniture! I'm envious, but in a happy for you sort of's nice to know there are still some great finds out there.

  10. Hey, neat finds! I always wanted a little red wagon, myself. I want to stow my ventriloquist's dummy and other assorted playthings in something more on-the-go. The tiny chair I have them in is fine. But sometimes, I think they need a little pull around the room, ha ha.

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

    1. They're perfect for displaying dolls and toys. I have this one in the antique store booth for now.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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