Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What I Didn't Buy at The Thrift Store: Gun Ammo and Scorpions (!!!)

Ah, Florida. USA. You give me long summers and kitsch galore. Your thrift stores, junk stops, and vintage buying opportunities are limitless. You're a class on your own. I love going on road trips and mini Florida thrifting adventures. Only in Florida will you see....

But gun ammunition ain't all! No sir! I got to encounter a Scorpion!

The cashier was wrapping up my purchases when a scorpion sprung from the newspaper. It was so fast it practically slithered off the counter and out of sight. The cashier revealed the store has a bit of a scorpion problem. But I'm not sure what offended me more. Gun ammo, scorpions, or high furniture prices...

What thrift adventures have you been on lately? Right now I'm three hours south of home, visiting Tampa, Florida. Along the way I'm sure I'll fit in a trip to a thrift store and their local IKEA... they have a badass aquarium down here, too...
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  1. Scorpions....I hate scorpions! We have had an unprecedented infestation of those nasty critters this summer...I'm wearing sandals inside my house all the time, even when I get up in the night to go meet with Mother Nature! Luckily however, Mama Kitty is very good at spotting them and alerting us to their presence...goood Mama! Wish I was with you on some of your adventures...no thirfting for me, MUST LIST! Good luck and get your thrifting mojo on!

    1. He have them in Florida but I rarely see them. I don't envy your situation- but I do wear flip flops in the house at all times because of the spiders. Ah, warm weathered places and our infestations!

      Thanks for wishing me luck, about to research for nearby thrift stores now...

  2. I'm laughing only because I feel your pain.

    1. Indeed, high prices is the bane of a thrifty soul's existence...

  3. I really, really, really wish I had a scorpion problem! I mean, it sounds really fucking bad ass, doesn't it? We have a silver-bug who lives in our basement, and we call her Sheila. Otherwise, horse flies...but Lulu is real good at snatching them from the air, torturing them, and eating them.

  4. Yuko kills our big bad palmetto bugs. Good kitty!

  5. OMG!!! Hubby just squashed a scorpion under our dining room table this morning!!! UGH! A nasty problem here in AZ...one main reason I wear house sandals too!

    You are so brave! I would had let out a blood-curdling scream if I saw a scorpion slither across the sales counter like that!

    -pamela :)

    1. I guess playing in the woods as a kid conditioned me for all kinds of creepy crawlies...still don't want scorpions in my thrift stores!

  6. So similar! I went to Ikea tonight & fit in a quick thrifting trip to 3 stores along the way!

    1. I did about the same while visiting Tampa, quite fun! Always have to stop by IKEAs in other cities since we don't have one in town.

  7. "A bit of a scorpion problem" might be the understatement of the year if the cashier wasn't at all shocked by one crawling out of the comic strips in the day's paper, ha ha ha.

    How often does that happen...I wonder.

    And live rounds in a thrift? Is that legal? Ah, who knows! Charging $150 for that armoire should be illegal.

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

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