Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reselling Experiments: Vintage T-Shirt Haul and Selling Vintage Clothing

Reselling is food for the creative's soul. It's flexible. You can switch your niche and sell things you wouldn't have thought of. I'm giving bold, nostalgic and vintage t-shirts a try in my antique store booths. They're fun to display and they appeal to my love of graphic design. They go with Thrift Core's saturated color scheme and unlike selling vintage suits, jackets, or dresses, they're portable. They're my gateway drug to selling more vintage clothing. They appeal to my inner 12-year-old that's obsessed with zombies, dinosaurs, and robots. Watch out, if it goes well it could turn into a full blown addiction.

What are your favorite things to collect and/or sell? Trying anything new lately?
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  1. Those are awesome! I love the monkey one and the star one. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Dani! The shop is stuffed with some fun favorites. :) And they all have that soft buttery broken-in feel.

  2. Oh man, I love vintage t-shirts! I bet they sell well for you. And if you get any dinosaur ones I call dibs! : )

    1. Thanks Melissa, I'll remember that. I'm always on the prowl for them.

  3. Don't get tricked by all the "faux" vintage t-shirts out there! Everyone is selling them now, from Target all the way up to some really expensive designers. They can look and feel incredibly authentic! THe label usually tells the true story, but if it;s been cut off, it can be hard to tell...

    1. Indeed! I like to sell the faux vintage shirts I really like in the antique store booths and think of them as "nostalgic" rather than vintage.

  4. I've had a return back to what I did orignally with selling vintage and retro baby and children's clothing. I've been distracted and dabbled in other things. I'm so happy with my return to what I know and am good at.

    I'd agree with Dina above about being careful about the authenticity of the shirts, it can be tricky. Best of lucky though with them.

    1. We have to sell the things we're passionate about to be successful. It keeps us enthusiastic about our work better than following the trends.

  5. I've made a few bucks off some vintage tees - but off eBay. My largest sale ever for a tee beings $232.50. A shirt I bought at a vintage shop for $7.

    One resellers tip I had was to always check the t-shirt section. There is profit to be made.

  6. I definitely need to do research on actual vintage shirts that sell well. I really just go through and buy shirts with designs I like. ;p $232.50 is incredible!

  7. Good way to ease into something different! As others have said, there are loads of "faux" vintage, besides the label look for a copyright date, old ones don't have them. I recently found an 80s Bruce Springsteen Madison Sq Garden Tour tee for nothing. Have to research as I have no idea what it would go for. Love selling clothes, it was how I started and still dabble. There is always so much to learn, plus its pretty! (; XXX Jet

    1. Okay, got curious... same shirt is currently on eBay for BIN of $100! Crikey if I could make that off Bruce I might actually start liking him! XXX J.

    2. I rarely peek through eBay, I need to get in the habit!

  8. Good luck with the Tees, I'm currently stocking up my booth with vintage items that would make good Halloween Costumes. Hoping that will help move some inventory, because September's been a bust!

    1. We've had a slower September than usual down here, too. It's usually a better month. I've been adding some Halloween bits to the booths, too. Let's see if it works!


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