Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thrifty Bedroom "Vanity" Before and After: Local Art and Pop Culture

Ever been tempted to buy furniture you already have? It's easy when you're a thrifter. I've been tempted by mid century modern vanities lately, and resisted temptation by using what I have around the house to spruce-up my existing "vanity area" in my bedroom. And after letting my bedroom turn into a merchandise storage space, I needed it!

In the before picture you can even see all the dust on the dresser! Mostly from shaking out an ancient rug, but still! Shame, this before photo is filled with shame.

I cleaned things up, hung my mirror and favorite bits of art by local artists and friends, and added a rug to make this corner of the bedroom so much more homey. Next I want to create some robot drawer pulls to go with this dresser since I lost two of the drawer pulls ages ago. All make-up fits inside the red ornate Japanese bento box.

It's the little splashes of color from the art that make the biggest difference for me. I've hung artwork by my friend Ed, my friends at Old Skool Junk, and Robert Land. All accessories and toiletries are displayed for easy access.

It's been fun getting my home pedantically organized and clean despite living amid dozens of pieces of vintage merchandise I'm selling. I'm settling in and making crafts for the home, so be prepared for some fun thrifty home DIYs, ideas, and tours.

How do you like to spruce up the home with thrifted finds? What helps you make your space a home? I need dinosaurs, robots, art...
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  1. Cute little "Nightmare Before Christmas" lamp! You've got a great eye for composition within a room. Those little splashes of color and quirky pieces keep the eyes roving over the entire place.

    On a different note... why do I keep reading "m"s as an "r" beside and "n"? Completely misinterpreted your use of the word "homey". ;)

    1. Baaahaha, that would be the appropriate term for the bedroom. It's all the Prince records I have on the wall I'm sure :D Thanks for the kind words, that lamp is a prized possession.

  2. I held a little garage sale this weekend with some friends, and put aside some things to spray paint to brighten up my house. I had some beat up brass candlesticks and some mismatched picture frames, and I'll spray 'em and hang 'em and it'll be glorious!
    Also, one of my friends was selling a "LOVE" wooden piece, and she said she never really liked it, so I told her I'd spray it whatever color she wanted ( I have LOTS of colors) and she was excited like she was getting a whole new piece!!!

    1. I love spraypainting old pieces to hang in the house. I've been selling them instead a lot lately instead though...gotta get some true home projects done :D

  3. Looks great! I am wondering, though...what's inside that little toadstool? Are those teeny tiny toadstools inside!?

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

    1. Those are little origami stars. My friend gave that to me a while back. I have a whole cup of those somewhere as well...


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