Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Things I Didn't Buy at the Thrift Store: Ninja Rap, Funniest Finds Ever

With the ample thrifting I've been doing lately you know funny finds were encountered. There was a time when I'd bring many of these home for their kitschy value but I've been downsizing. At least these pictures will let them life in infamy forever!

This raccoon hat was hilarious on! Should have snapped a photo of that. I almost bought it!

The duck! That's exactly what an invasive damn alarm clock sounds like in the morning. Love the intrusive yellow, too. This clock brings you no comfort.

Every nineties kid had one of these. Mine was neon yellow-green. I heard these sell well on eBay. These can do really well on eBay, perhaps I should have bought this one to help others indulge in nostalgia.

I left vintage mugs behind! It's a miracle! A miracle!

And even more vintage mugs left behind! This is where you can tell I'm using my new smart phone instead of my usual Canon SLR to take photos. Definitely helps me be more sleuth-like and avoid questions and criticisms from store owners. I'd LOVE to know what aps you use on your smart phones for finding thrift stores, finding the value of finds, saving money, etc. Leave 'em in the comments.

The graphic designer in me is eye-humping this album cover. Gorgeous exposure on the photo, amazing solid background, nice balance with the letters on his hat, groovy font, and the white and mustard combination! Funny, too.

A second-favorite, I swear I affect this tone with friends all the time and I've said this to people before entering the house. Need to make my own version of this sign for the homestead soon...

And my favorite funny find! I'm loaded with nostalgic VHS tapes I rarely watch and was tempted to get this, but left it behind since you can usually find these videos online. This would have made a beautiful addition to the collection, though. If you've never seen this...holy hell. Prepare for the most hilarious 90s nostalgia you've ever seen:

GO NINJA GO NINJA GO! So what have you had trouble resisting at the thrift stores lately?
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  1. Hi Van!

    I was wondering what kind of reaction you receive at thrift stores while taking pictures ... I do the same sometimes for photo project purposes. You would think the owners couldn't care less, since they sell OTHER people's used stuff! :)

    1. All kinds! I'm always taking photos at thrift stores, flea markets and yards so I get the full spectrum:

      Super Angry: Someone threatened to break my camera once. I didn't get defensive, it was too silly for them to be mad. I just showed them I was deleting the photo of their stuff and they chilled out. They claimed I could take credit for their set-up if at the flea market online with the pictures ;p haha.

      Don't Take Pictures: When I'm asked not to take pictures in the store I'll comply.

      Amused: Some people ask why I'm taking the pictures and think it's amusing, I give them a "Thrift Core" business card.

      "Am I going to be on tv!?" "Am I going to be in a magazine": based on the size of the SLR, people ask this one most of all. Silliness.

      It's easiest to just hand people a card and explain I'm a writer.

  2. Oh geez, I giggled through this whole post. With all they Eye Humping and Vanilla Ninja nonsense! I'm surprised you were able to let some of that stay!

    1. I'm downsizing these days, the will power is storng! I'm enjoying a clearer house and can't wait to sell off more personal junk I've been holding on to for too long.

      Regretting the Ninja Rap one most of all...I still LOVE ninja turtles.

  3. Oh geez, I giggled through this whole post. With all they Eye Humping and Vanilla Ninja nonsense! I'm surprised you were able to let some of that stay!

  4. Oooh, those lovely brown mugs - those would be hard for me to pass up. I can just imagine them filled up with warm apple cider and a cinnamon stick... I have little willpower when it comes to mugs (but luckily they seem to sell ok in my booth, so now I have somewhere to put them after I indulge, lol)

    1. Mugs don't fly off the shelves for me, I have a theory people are realizing or already know they're easy to find in thrift around here. So I resist for now...may be harder to resist them when I boot up the proverbial online sales machines.

  5. Haha!

    Ooh, that's too bad! I wish I could've seen that hat on you:D

  6. Oh the memories. "Ninja Rap" is just a classic. Confession time: I met Vanilla Ice. Yup. Honest to God I met the guy and got an autograph and a photo. He was trying to make a comeback when I was in high school and was playing a 21+ show that I couldn't get into. Well I chatted up the roadies outside the venue. They said, "You're a fan?" I said..."Um. No. It's Vanilla Ice. I just want to have a funny-ass story to tell." They thought that was the funniest thing ever and escorted me into the venue and the VIP room after the show. It may have been the single greatest moment of my life...

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  7. Yeah. I *hate* having to pay for my smartphone (it's easily one of my largest bills every month, but I'm a cheapskate) but in situations like thrifting and estate sale-ing it's my secret weapon. To the outside I just look like some absent minded twenty something texting her friends, but I'm really snapping pics and researching products. I haven't been in the "biz" my whole life like some of the other dealers I see out there, so I don't have all of the knowledge they have. I have to use what I have - technology.

    1. I've hated smart phones in general for a while, but it's a wonderful tool that I'm now finally taking advantage of for business. Some people call it cheated but I disagree. There's plenty out there for everyone.

    2. I don't think it's cheating when you're too young to really have all the knowledge a lot of the other dealers have out there. I think in reality it levels the playing field. Here in STL, most dealers are in their 40s and older. They've had their whole lives to learn the things we are just starting to learn. Without a mentor in the business, I think it's a very difficult business to learn. There is no school for it, so it's competitive and secretive sometimes. Not always, but it can be.

  8. Van, I wanted one of those phones so bad growing up as a kid! Sadly, I never got it until about two weeks ago when I saw one at Goodwill and snatched it up. It's sitting in my booth right now and I'm proud to be an owner of one, even if it's almost 20 years later in life.

    1. The booth idea is genius, hopefully someone will scoop it up for the nostalgia value.

  9. Oh my, I've never seen Ninja Rap before. Funny!

    I've bought a couple of the see through phones before, but they never worked too great. Never thought that they'd do well on eBay. Just checked & see that the other style of phone (umm.. IDK how to describe it) sells good.

    Some seem to see for pretty good, some just $5. I guess the neon one that lights up is your best bet?

    Urban Outfitters was selling a remake of them not too long ago for $35.

    1. I can't count how many times I saw/heard the ninja rap in childhood! The remake for $35 was highway robbery. If they cost that much in the past I'm sure my mom got mine from a thrift store back then ;)

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