Saturday, August 31, 2013

Getting Marketing, Design and Promotional Help for Your Shop. I'm Here!

The past few months I've learned just how much I absolutely love helping newbie business owners get on the path to being gainfully self employed. I definitely want to make this another focus of what I do! If you need help, September is an excellent time to get started! Here are services I offer:

Advertise on Thrift Core: My blog is my #1 sales provider, no question. I'm close to 200 high ticket Etsy (See 'er here) sales in 8 months and I know it's because of Thrift Core traffic. I also sell lots of items directly from the blog. If you advertise on Thrift Core this September I will promote your site or blog to my readers and social media followers. (Thousands strong, worldwide!) I'd love to help promote your site. See ad sizes and more info here. E-mail me if you have any questions or would like to get started.

Banner or Blog Design: I love designing banners and blogs for indie business owners! E-mail me if you want to work with me. Here's my latest banner design, I'm always working with someone. This one's for an eBay store:

Product Photography: Product photography will make or break you, it's paramount for selling online. I absolutely love shooting vintage items, handmade, and art. I would love to collaborate with your on creative photoshoots that will make your items shine. Samples in my Etsy shop and on the blog.

Marketing/Coaching: I write business plans and coach/work with creatives, newbie resellers, etc. Would love to help you out if you need it.

Credentials: I was a pro marketer and copywriter for three years and helped my employer earn thousands before my brand grew to where I could make a living from it full time. I've been designing graphics and making websites for 16 years!

Do it, Man! Gonna lay the biggest tip right on you for free though. The time to get started is RIGHT NOW. You want to be an artist? Draw! Want to be a reseller? Sell. Don't put it off anymore. Work up that will power and get started, the time is now. And of course, e-mail me if you need help getting started. I'd love to guide your, help promote, design, etc. :)
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