Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! It's Kitschy Florida Halloween Decoration Admiration Time!

I took a bike ride around my beautiful historic neighborhood to document the Halloween decor last week. I took hundreds of photos before I (embarrassingly) had to be picked up from nearly passing out from some kind of low-blood pressure or heat exhaustion attack. That's Halloween in Florida for ya! It's still hot as hell down here by midday! Sometimes we have Halloween pool parties and fall foliage is a rare sight. The explosion of (kitsch) and color instead comes from the brave few who still outfit their homes in colorful decorations and I love them for it!

I'm going to spend Halloween like I spend every day...watching horror movies and taking as many product photos as possible. Seriously, I watch horror movies nearly every day all day, I wish it was Halloween forever :) Have fun partying, trick-or-treating, and other Halloween shenanigans. I'm turning comments off on this post but will be back tomorrow.

Check out the second photo from the last, I was photographing a house and didn't notice until I was going to bike away that they had a demonic-ass-looking doll in the top window there! The Hell! That's glorious! Also, check out this and this video with "Weird" retro Halloween special recommendations. I want to watch all of them especially the weird Scarecrow Disney-knock off one!

Got some Halloween movie recommendations of my own here and here if you're stuck indoors watching movies. Have fun today!
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