Friday, October 25, 2013

Run Your Business Like THE Batman This Christmas and Into the New Year!

The rare deciduous tree in North Florida. One day after Halloween is "Christmas" in retail-land. Yuck!

Right now, this very second, is the time to prepare your ass off for Christmas sales. It's also the time to think of dream business goals into the new year. 2013 is almost over! It has absolutely flown by! Be smart about your enterprise like suave billionaire Bruce Wayne of Batman infamy, advertise and get help from the pros when you need it!

Below are my Etsy Shop traffic stats from the last 30 days. You can see most of my traffic (outside of the obvious Google and Etsy sources) comes from my own blog by far. A lot if not most of the Direct Traffic is related to Thrift Core as well. When you buy an ad on Thrift Core you're going to get eyeballs on your website, store, or blog! I get more traffic from Thrift Core than for ads I've paid for on other higher traffic sources. You'll also receive shout-outs on social media (thousands of followers strong) and a free banner ad design on me if you're approved as a Thrift Core advertiser! (Buy and ad here or E-mail me if you have questions.)

I also make blog/eBay/etsy store banners and blog designers and offer counseling services for those in need. I've years of experience and would love to help you out :)  E-mail me if you'd like some help, I have years of marketing/product photography/web/graphic design experience under my belt.

I've noticed a big set-back with would-be entrepreneurs is fear of investing in their business and taking risks. You absolutely have to do this to accomplish your dreams and goals. Your future is worth spending the time, effort, and money on. You won't regret it! Good luck with the rest of this year, let's hit it and wrap up the year with a bang! (Hopefully a BIG SALES one!)

Check out the advertising page here  for more info, see sample ads, and/or buy an ad. E-mail me if you wanna chat about promoting or improving your blog or online store.
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