Wednesday, December 17, 2014

5 Business Motivation Tips: Whether You're Getting Started... or Getting Tired

I'm enjoying a huge surge of motivation and creative inspiration for my business. Sales are up, I'm plotting big moves with the right partners and I'm excited and busy as hell. So busy I barely get to sit, so busy running around I almost fell on my ass then later face hard yesterday, basically catching myself both times at the last second. Too busy to die, don't take me yet netherworld!

Positivity leads to productivity. I had to analyze what's created this turn around on luck, sales and motivation after a bit of a slump and realized the following steps were big helpers. Try them, they work:

1) Dream Big: Maybe you want to save $5,000 ASAP, upgrade your car, or the secure the funds to finally set yourself up in a brick and mortar store. Whatever it is, make one or a few big tangible goals to work toward that are on the realistic side. Then...

2) Envision: Do what it takes to really envision your big goals for the future. Make boards if you must, post pictures, keep the idea on your mind. (More details in my Vision Board post. Also the concept behind The Secret.)

3) "Bigger" Mission: Make your business bigger than money. If you're a parent, you must succeed because you want to give your kids the best life possible. My bigger mission is teach others to live a happy, healthier life outside the status quo.

4) Treat Yourself: Buy supplies that will help you be successful or little treats here and there for yourself. It can be good coffee, an indie bakery cupcake or even setting aside quality time to spend with loved ones. Do it. It's Good for your business, good for the soul. I ignored this, but it's a must.

5) Hire: If sales are crazy and you're going crazy keeping up, it may be time to hire a helper. Your sanity will thank you.

6) Outsource: I can design, draw and sew yet I'm hiring others to help me get some designs off the ground. I'm doing too much as it is and these tasks don't come naturally for me when I'm doing it for myself. Paying others to help me is worth every penny because I'm saving valuable time and really making progress for my goals.

7) Classes: Learning new things keeps your brain neurons firing. You'll be more creative and energetic. Never stop taking classes in your field. Right now I'm having a blast taking classes to become a master herbalist and I'll be teaching raw vegan and organic body care classes soon, too!

8) Research: Read books and web articles related to your field all the time. Like you're doing now!

9) Community: Find your kindred spirits, interact, bounce ideas off each other. We do this here in the comments section on the blog. Comment, reply, ask questions, share your knowledge. We learn and grow this way. Join related forums, join local groups via meet-up. You'll learn a lot and it feels good to teach others.

10) Vent: Failures are inevitable, you're not trying hard enough if you're not screwing up along the way. Don't keep the frustration in. Vent. Write about your issues. Ask for help. Cry if you have to. Write it out in your journal or a word document. This helps you get it out so you can move on.

What helps you stay motivated when it's hard to keep going?  
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