Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Minimalist 2015: Action Steps For a Clutter free Home, Computer, Business and LIFE

Stuff. We pack it up into 200 boxes and tote it with us from apartment to apartment, state to state or country to country. We dedicate ourselves to maintaining it; dust, vacuum, clean, organize, wash, fold, rinse, repeat. Are you with me, are you sick or forever dealing with clutter?

My mom's house the final day of our attic purge. We're trying to make a garage work-space.

More Stuff is a trap. We're told we're only successful with huge energy-sucking houses and when we're in possession of loads of objects. I'm a Stuff-lover, but I won't be a slave to Things, I won't spend my whole life working a job I loathe to fill my life with Stuff I don't need. Every year since I left the day job I've dramatically decreased my possessions and this year I want to go all the way! I want to be a minimalist and challenge myself to own as little as possible.

All of these boxes have been sorted and/or donated.

I want to own less so I live more, I want to feel completely location-independent and free. I want housework to be non-existent because I won't make a mess as much mess when I own less Stuff. I crave experiences, not Things. Who's with me!? Let's kill it for 2014! You don't have to be extreme like me, but having less is SO liberating. Below is my insane minimalism plan to be completed before January 1st!

Project Boxes
  • Go through boxes, trash as much as possible.
  • Consolidate projects to one area
  • Sort smallest supplies and label
  • Schedule dates to finish projects

  • Get rid of ALL clothes I don't 100% love and feel comfortable in
  • Repair and take in what needs to be finished

I'm even selling my beloved record collection! Woah, the pain! But I'm ready to let go. I have lots of MJ, Prince, Stevie, Motown and J5, message me if you want dibs. I'm letting go of a lot of my highest-quality stuff.

  • Sell/Donate the ones I can easily check out from the library (take photo so I don't forget 'em)
  • Keep ONLY frequently-refrenced books, at least 'til I copy the important info to the PC
  • Set aside time to read hard-to-find ones so I can eventually sell/donat

  • Sell them all! Update Netflix so I can watch any of them whenever I want.

  • Photograph and list all of the nerd/nostalgia stuff
  • List everything I haven't, re-take photos
  • Re-price and place all of the items in Southern Crossing Antique Mall

Digital Organization
  • Get cloud server space
  • Move all my MAC files to the cloud server, separated into neat folders

General Home Clutter
  • Go through all drawers and cabinets one-by-one, toss clutter and duplicates
  • If I don't absolutely love or need it, sell or donate it

Feng Sui Project (Ambition!)

This is a crazy one I'll likely go through step-by-step with before and after photos

  • Check out Feng Sui Books, check out sites and articles: good one here, good videos, good sit
  • Apply Feng Sui principles to each room in the apartment one-by-one (article here)
  • Add fresh green plants and "Water" elements- Feng Sui demands it. And I adore plants.

Any tips to add? Or inspiring websites? I'll follow-up with my progress perhaps weekly. I'd love it if you did the same! Live like The Fisherman, less Junk, more Experiences.
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  2. YES! I can totally identify. I went through my house last year and did a massive purge. It feels so good to actually have my stuff under control (rather than letting IT control ME). So, I'm giving you major props for starting this project, Van! Keep us posted. It will be cool to see some 'before and after' photos.

    1. Thanks Ali! I desperately wanted to wait untilI had more before/after progress to post this but my boyfriend just moved the rest of his stuff over and my pad is trashed again, d'oh. Have definitely been taking lots of progression shots. All of my merchandise fits in one half of my bedroom closet when it used to occupy a whole room! Dayum! I know exactly how you feel, I can't wait until things stop controlling me!

  3. I am a minimalist with a few small collections (bottles, they sit in the window and vintage christmas decorations that go under the house in the crawlspace the rest of the year). I believe I am this way as Mom was a pack rack when I was a kid and still is - even though I downsized her last year before the big move - she still accumulates stuff like crazy. Whenever she is willing to give up something I quickly haul it away before she changes her mind lol. I do buy 99% of my wardrobe from thrifts but also purge things regularly so never an issue with too much stuff. I honestly think smaller spaces are the key - if you can learn to thrive and live in a small space - you automatically become minimalist in some way as cannot bring things home without purging.

    1. I agree on small spaces, I adore them and watch "small house/space" porn on YouTube. Will have to share a post on my favorites. The less room you have the less you can bring in. Ironically I have the biggest apartment I've ever had but less stuff than before. My apartment before had a car port that allowed me to accumulate more out-of-sight than I could have before. This space is modern and minimalist-looking so it inspires me to keep it clean and clutter-free. I'm actually grateful I didn't buy a house when I was younger like I planned because I'd have no doubt stuffed it full of things...

  4. Oh no, not your records! :-( I donated all of mine to a local charity that specialized in used music 20 years ago, it was a well-meaning gesture on my part but I regret that decision to this day . . .


    On the other hand, I admire your ruthless determination to free yourself from the tyranny of Too Many Things. I think there's something in the air or in the stars or in just the general vibrations motivating lots of folks to declutter and simplify right now, I've seen lots of that in people around me lately (like within the last 2 or 3 months specifically). I love looking at other people's minimalism but, speaking only for myself, I realize that even if I were ever able to declutter to that degree (or were forced to, say by some natural disaster or other), I wouldn't be able to keep it that way for long because I love having fun interesting stimulating inspirational colorful diverse things around me maybe a little too much. That said, I am currently overhauling my (very small) apartment with a vengeance, trying to find the balance between peaceful uncluttered serenity (which I love) and fun colorful stimulation (which I also love and crave). It's a challenging pursuit, but I'm excited about it.

    As always, Van, I'm inspired by your energy and dedication to achieving your visions and goals. I drink a toast (herbal or caffeinated - or both - as best suits each individual at that moment) to you and to everyone striving to make positive changes as 2014 rolls out and 2015 rolls in!

    1. Yum to herbal and caffeinated tea, been writing about both behind-the-scenes. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I love being surrounded by interesting things and color too, and figure if I limit it to the wall art (so much, and I'll be making more) my space will still be full and inspiring without as much clutter and work on my part to organize/re-organize 'til the end of time. Looks like we have the same exact pursuit, I too love and crave both serenity and stimulation. It can be done! I'll post progress throughout the month.

      As for the records, it seemed like an impossible thing to do at one time but I sold my record player. And I can always hang scanned art of the records and listen to ALL those songs on spotify. It tugged on my heart strings for a while but I'm finally ready to let go of SOME of my favorite possessions. BUT not all :D

  5. May I respectfully suggest that you rethink the parts about storing stuff in your or your mom's attics? If something doesn't make you happy and add to your life, sell it or donate it or trash it. Especially the clothing. Keeping something with the thought that it might someday fit is a no-win. Once it's in that attic you'll forget all about it, and if it's not good enough for now it won't be good enough in the future. The thing is, every thrifter knows that we can always go out and find more stuff, and for very little money. My experience is that once something is gone from my life I never think of it again...except for that sense of freedom clearing the clutter creates.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, it's a good one. I wanted to that because now that I'm smaller I do regret not keeping some of my high school clothes which would now fit. BUT you are correct. When I purged my mom's attic I kept maybe one thing from the boxes I had up there? The rest is headed to eBay or went to Goodwill. We will always find beautiful, often even name-brand clothes at yard sales for pennies on the dollar.

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