Monday, March 2, 2015

February Goal Updates: Learning, Simplifying, Letting Go, and Forging a New Path

The theme of February is sheer disorganization and indecision. Abandoning one path and going an uncharted way is bone-chillingly terrifying. But coming out of Feb, I've clarified my path and decided on the steps to take for my new businesses to thrive.

Packing for my herbalism teacher's workshop: bath/body goods and herbal tea blend from my line that I'm testing, wallet, change, schedule and notebook to stuff full of information and ideas.

The biggest accomplishments were: (1) adding a bigger chunk back into my savings account (2) moving most of my merchandise out of southern Crossing Antique Mall (3) finishing my Beginning Herbalism and Nutritional Herbalism courses (4) hitting the gym nearly daily/starting my first group fitness classes (5) finishing another clarifying session with my awesome business coach and (6) getting more clutter out of my apartment!

March's theme is to simplify. I realized I can't keep juggling so many income sources. I'm relegating most creative things to hobby status and focusing on my new profit-making direction. Here's my goal recap and the goals for next month: 

February Adjustments/Goals:

  • Soft opening for my body care line  Decided we weren't ready yet. Not gonna rush it!
  • Fill up editorial schedule
  • 5 photoshoots/interviews NOPE! Scheduled interviews but they didn't happen. 
  • DO DAILY: Get Outside/Explore, Read, Meditate, Work on eBooks 
  • Re-shoot ALL current merchandise for Etsy. Cancelled. 
  • Use a timer to get client work done faster. Focus!
  • Entering a Feb. daily workout and class contest. 
  • Make a better schedule/system to fit everything in!
  • Get progress on my art lines, move along to the next step. Cancelled. From now on, art's for fun.
  • Move focus make to profit in February, will share the results.  Ended the month with more profit. 

Compare the seedlings to how tiny they were last month! My roomie and I are starting gardens in multiple spaces.

March Goals:

  1. FINAL deadline to sell ALL of my vintage merchandise. E-mail if you want anything! Taking offers!
  2. Finish the Green Lotus Studio calendar and magazine
  3. Make my green lotus studio books and lesson plans, practice classes
  4. Finish clothing alterations. They've been sitting in a bag, bugging me, for too long!
  5. 5 Photoshoots and 5 Interviews, let's try this again!
  6. Explore 5 new places
  7. Read 5 books
  8. Donate/sell off 50 more personal possessions
  9. Finish 5 small for-fun personal projects 
  10. Make a detailed schedule so everything above happens!
Back Burner Projects for Next Month: Body Care Line, eBooks, room before/after projects

And as always, I'll be working behind-the-scenes on testing body core products (like tea mixing) and personal health adventures. 

Fails/Issues to Adjust: Oh, this poor blog! Being at a business cross roads makes it very hard to post the informative, beautiful posts I crave. Posts are less, and simpler, for now, but changes are on the horizon. Sorry for the increase in typos lately as well, there were a couple of days of rushing due to poor planning that won't happen again. I'm excited to put more dedicated time into my blog ASAP.


Right now I'm out-of-town in Palm Coast for an extended teaching workshop for Green Lotus Studios. Donna, the owner, generously purchased a luxury rental at Hammock Beach for all of the studio's teachers!

We'll be cooking all of our own food. We're a group of herbalists, so this will be interesting! I'm packing my current favorites: curry powder, cayenne pepper and onion powder for savory meals and bee pollen, wheat grass powder, stevia powder, cinnamon and chia seed for smoothies. 

I'm excited to spend my time there working on projects here 11AM to 2AM!  For now it's /Comments Off  but I'll be back on Wednesday, perhaps with a re-cap of the adventure. I'll post live photo updates while I'm there on Instagram and Twitter.
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