Friday, March 6, 2015

The Exclusive 50% Off Huge Vintage Sale + Secret Vintage Treasures Revealed

My closets, cupboards, antique mall booth, and car (! yep, car !) are stuffed to the very brim. As you know from my goal post, my ultimate goal this month is to unload the rest of my current stock of vintage merchandise. I can't live with boxes taking up every square inch of my storage spaces anymore, I've reached critical mass!

I'm excited to get writing, making, and really throw myself into a new path, but my older vintage stock is weighing me down physically and emotionally. It's been a long and difficult road to determine what I should do next, but now I'm ready to let it all go.

For everyone who's ever bought anything from me: advertising space, services, merchandise from my online and/or offline shops, thank you. I really appreciate everyone who reads here and interacts. To thank Thrift Core supporters, I wanted to host an exclusive sale for loyal readers for this weekend only.

Use Coupon Code: 'BATMAN' FOR 50% OFF in my Etsy Shop

Just e-mail me if you any offers, group deals, or need me to calculate lower shipping prices. I also have an overstock shop with goodies that have got to go!  

For my fellow resellers, particularly ones using eBay, could you please e-mail any tips on selling lots of merchandise quickly? Had to ask :)

Secret Treasures Revealed: Also, keep an eye on the shop 'cause I'll be adding a lot more items to it today and tomorrow. I have vintage clothes, favorite little vintage bits.

A large Michael Jackson, Prince, R&B, Disco and Soul record collection is going up for sale. I absolutely love the items but I no longer have a record player and really, they're just sitting in my shelf collecting dust. Minimalism, HO!

Thanks again! And now, back to work work work with me, forever...

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