Friday, March 20, 2015

Tips and Tricks for Leaving the Day Job, Setting Your Own Hours, and Raising Pay

Questions about self-employment are among the ones I get most frequently. (The first most-frequently asked question for this blog is, "Is 'insert item' still available and for sale?" It, weirdly, never is.) I understand what it's like to work an unfullfilling day job. I was there, dreaming every day of being self-employed. Small business ownership ain't easy. I once read that self-employed people are the only ones crazy enough to trade working a 40 hour week for an 80 hour one...with a big pay cut. It's always more work than your expect and it's not a path for the weak. But. If you have a burning desire to do it, I urge everyone to try. Here are posts I've written over the years about my journey and information to help others who are on this path.

Photo taken my first week of self-employment in my previous apartment. Aw, baby Yuko!

A favorite place I'd like to send you to start is Be Patient Young Grasshoppa, this stuff takes time! Then there's my Personal Timeline to Self Employment that shows a realistic summation of years it took to arrive where I am. The skill practicing process started in 1998, perhaps before that if you count all the years as a child spent honing hunting skills with my mom! Again, Takes time! And finally here's an post to help you conquer fear, since, after all, starting a new path is terrifying!

Answering Your Questions: The First Step to Starting Your Business

Let's Talk About Money: How to Earn Exactly What You Want

Damn, I Made it Look Too Easy. Getting Real About Leaving the Day Job

5 Vintage Life Lessons, What I've Learned Running a Creative Business

The Loudmouth Lifestyle and Thrift Core's 10 Tips for Entrepreneur Money Pains

Let's Talk About Money and Biz Probs: A Candid "You Shouldn't Talk About This" Post

Wake up And Live: A Story From my Marketing Nadir

Freelancer Update: What To Do When You Hate Your Job

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