Monday, June 8, 2015

June Goals: Focusing on a Main Goal, Summer Fun, and Planning Way Ahead

Hell yes, I finally got most of a to-do list for the month done! It only took half the year to really buckle down! I like how making these lists holds me accountable, it's not that I'm not working, it's that I rarely focus on the specific goals I set at the start of the month. This month I'm carrying my monthly planner with me everywhere and writing notes and setting goals way into the future. Between sets at the gym: writing plans. When the teacher can't see me: writing plans. Between tasks: plans. I've let myself go way too loose in working from my early days working in an office when I was very regimented. This month I'm taking it "easier" so I can focus on the biggest, hardest task!

The scene to my left. Wrote many blog ideas on post it notes and I'm scheduling them and events ahead of time throughout the year. I also made two huge "mood boards"- super helpful.

June Goals

1. Have at least 2 body core work days per week
2. Finish all planned products by July 1st (the pain!)
3. Host a successful group clean-up day (more on this later)
4. Schedule at least one Green Lotus work day per week.
5. Get posts for the month done ahead of time.
6. Log some long hours in early on so I can make the month's bills: then play more!
7. Get to the library to write and study once a week.
8. Continue to make detailed business plans through this year and into the next five years.
9. Work on local market display. Make it super informative!
10. Enjoy the hell out of Savannah Georgia (hotel already scheduled - e-mail me if you have any recommendations?)

May Goals
  1. List that Damn Craigslist Stuff again ASAP
  2. Do another Used Book Store Run (Kept forgetting the books, will do asap)
  3. Order Bottles, Labels, Post Cards, Bags, Mini Mirrors, Punch Cards, Etc. for the body care line (Got 'em picked, but we're picking them up locally.)
  4. Now that look's established, finish the label designs
  5. Get BETA version of site and business cards out there, people are askin'
  6. Get a nice booth sign made
  7. Continue to make sure I earn at least $500 per week.* Nope. Glitches. More on that later. 
  8. Create nice signs/personal displays for each product for my local booth
  9. Schedule and finish 2 body core work days per week
  10. Get all vintage into organized boxes and into mom's attic. 
  11. Go to "You Pick Your Blueberries" in Georgia and load up! I'll freeze 'em for smoothies for months!
  12. Go to the Hostel in the Forest and a Georgia exploring trip. Already got it scheduled!
  13. To be more realistic: organize at least 1 new thing per week. SMALL projects!  Got LOTS of cleaning done.
/Comments Off My friends and I are already scheduling fun stuff for Summer. Visits to Florida's Crystal Clear springs, bike trails, and much more. Can't wait!
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