Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Springfield Home Tours: Vintage, Mid Century Modern, and Classic Home Design

I'd been meaning to attend for years, but never bought my tickets in time. This year I finally took part in my neighborhood's tour of historic homes in the Springfield area. I love any excuse to peek through any home, after all! The architecture, decor, and histories that same each house is infinitely fascinating for me.

To start the tour you meet at a local office where vintage vignettes (sponsored by Eco Relics, which I wrote about here) were set up.

I especially enjoyed the yellow stool and classic chalkboard.

The first stop was a stunner from 1902, fully updated inside with gorgeous modern kitchens and bathrooms while retaining the qualities that made the original so special.

The standing shower with pebble flooring and huge jacuzzi tub are the stuff of dreams. The original stained glass windows really made this one stand out. The rounded rooms with extremely cozy, too.

The second stop was a home I'd love to occupy. I love a cozy bungalow and I miss having any kind of outdoor space to play with. I'd have so many potted plants and and get-togethers on that beautiful wrap-around porch. I have fond memories of balconies from my childhood in Italy.

I've never seen a home in real life follow many of the trends I see on blogs. I enjoyed how clean and modern it was with minimal collections and art pieces for impact.

The final stop on our tour is the former Barnet mansion, equipped with it's own elevator and servant's quarters!

I wish we would have had more time to ponder every detail on this tour but we had to rush through it. I'll definitely purchase tickets and explore beautiful local homes with history and character again next year! (There was another home we didn't get to peek into, it was blocked when paramedics had to assist a woman who needed assistance on the house's porch. I'm assuming she was faint from dehydration, it was HOT. AS. HELL out this weekend here in Florida.)

Which house would you like to live in? The last one is way too big for me! I wouldn't mind either the first or the second! Or any house! For now I play in other people's gardens...
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  1. This is really a wonderful place to make the dream come true. I wish to be there someday.

  2. Cute hoses those better homes and gardens are homes of my dreams
    Retro. Rover

    1. Same here. I'd -love- to own a mod ranch house.

  3. Gorgeous homes! My favorite is the first one, but I'm loving that last porch, too :)

    1. It is the porch of dreams, I'd love to have one.

  4. Love the stained glass windows and the collection of vintage cameras


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