Monday, June 6, 2016

Black Market Minerals Field Trip in Old Town Orlando, Florida: Gemstones & Retro Fun

Do you remember the night before field trip day at school? The excitement that the reprieve from school bought, the magic of a blissful day away from the school-dungeon? I thought my field trip days were long over but my reiki and gem elixir classmates arranged a trip for us to Black Market Minerals in Old Town, Orlando, Florida. Complete with goofy neon matching t-shirts! How could I resist such kitschy fun?

Black Market Minerals is a geology or gemstone lover's Shangri La, and if you're lucky enough to vacation in Orlando, Florida or nearby you'd be remiss to leave this out of your itinerary. The prices were incredible, there was loads of gemstone necklaces, bracelets, and accessories in the $1.00 - $1.50 range that I've spent $4.50 - $15.00 locally in Jacksonville, Florida and online!

There were inexpensive rock lamps and a multitude of rocks and gems of all shapes and sizes.

The displays were more eclectic and color-filled than I hoped they would be. 

And yes, I did shamelessly ride along mostly so I could glean inspiration from the shapes and textures.

And take dozens of pictures. All the pictures.

I was tempted by these beautiful selenite wands. Quite a lovely display they had for them, no?

There's something so innately inspiring and relaxing about a display of rocks.

The best thing the store had to offer was the mineral mining bags. You buy a bag of sand, inside the sand are various gemstones. It's only $5.00 for the "small" bag.

Then you take it outside and sift out the minerals in the makeshift stream! 

You can see everyone in our group in our hot pink "rock on" shirts sifting out our minerals. 

We got some beauties.

I was surpsied by the size of the rocks they give you in the $5.00 bag. They're rough cut and low grade, but they're still beautiful and big pieces. 

(Also, dinosaur coin machine? What's not to love?)

I came home with a kawaii good luck maneki neko kitty from an anime shop in Old Town. (Why, yes, Old Town a kitschy attraction based on 1950s retro stuff, full of retro cars and signs, a rock shop, and an anime shop. And dinosaurs. I need to move in. I'll have more photos soon. You'll love it.)

Gorgeous gemstone bracelets at $1.00 each that I don't know if I can wear. They're poke-y! But they're at least  $4.50/each here so I couldn't resist. I got a little amethyst piece to surprise my niece.

And this little bear in a tea cup's from my mom. I liked how weird it was that it said "loneliness"! I love random Engrish and/or tiny teacup anything. And small stuff. But I go on about that in depth elsewhere.

All in all, a lovely if short trip. I will definitely be down to explore it more on the next Orlando Adventure.

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  1. Oh I would love it there! Gem mecca! I particularly love all those stone slabs. They are so cool. That is odd the little bear in the teacup reads loneliness. Depressing but strangely charming. :)

    1. Sad cute things are oddly charming that way, haha.

  2. Black Market Minerals looks so awesome! Those rock lamps are twice the price here in Canada! And I love your matching shirts:)

    PS That $5 bag is such a great deal....sigh....why can't we have that here?!?!

    1. Yeah I bought one for $16 more already :{ I'd have returned it and replaced it with the cheap one if I had the box still! It's a 2 hour drive from my city but there's a lot to explore in Orlando so it's a worthy pitstop if one's in the area. I need to add a full shot of the shirt, they say "rock on" with a lotus and a gemstone, they're really cute :)

  3. Oh wow, I would have loved going on that trip with you! So cool about the pink shirts for everyone! How fun to actually "mine" your own stones :) The neko kitty is super cute. Engrish cracks me up - there's this account on IG with really funny signs.

    1. I took photos of all the "Engrish" I could while in Japan. I'm sure any asian characters we have on things in English-speaking countries read just as silly.

  4. what a cool place reminds me of my childhood I loved caves and gem stone places

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