Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Retro 1:8 and More Online Vintage Shopping Options: Where do you Hunt for Vintage?

I've taken a long thrifting hiatus, but I feel I'll soon be ready to hunt for vintage for the permanent collection again. Not quite yet, but soon. (Soon!) It's still hard to adjust to hunting for FUN and not for reselling, or not to impulse buy. That's why vintage shopping online (for collectors) is actually a decent option. The prices are right and you can find that particular item you seek without trough the thrift stores. Here are a few options I really like:

Retro 1:8 is run by a longtime reader and reseller pal. Jay's passion for vintage and retro finds and pop culture knowns no bounds and he's rounded up some beautiful collections. You can see him on Etsy as well.

Shop Whurl is a vintage shopping ap with high quality items from the 40s-90s. There's a lot from my favorite eras (60s-70s) and everything is high quality.

Rehab Vintage LA more of a dream source, but I love how they've curated everything. Gorgeous items!

Other Times Vintage Amazing mid century modern furniture. I'll take one of everything, please.

Shark Gravy More mid century modern furniture (I need furniture, can you tell? You should see how empty my house looks...) with a bonus, lots of gorgeous vintage rugs!

Not Made in China Finds Clever name, gorgeous photos. I love pretty much every single item in this shop. Now Vintage has similar photos and objects, I love a lot of the clothes in this shop.

Nostalgic Japan Japanese fabric patterns is a huge muse for me, and this shop is full of vintage pieces! I'll throw in La Kimonoya for amazing vintage kimono goodness!

If you have any vintage shops you love in particular (or want to let me know about your own, whether brick and mortar or online send me an e-mail). Retro 1:8 is a sponsor, but all opinions are my own. Contact me if you're interested in becoming a sponsor or working with me on creative projects.

/Comments Off But I'll be back on Friday. Out all day today for a graduation!
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