Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Product Selling: 10 Tips for Setting Up and Arranging Market Booths that Really Sell

As crafters, we do what we do because we're compelled to, we absolutely love it. Setting up at craft fairs and markets and absorbing the energy is inspirational, but we all also have this little habit we enjoy called "eating" and it's not enough to just set-up at a market. This stuff has to SELL. A lot! I spent a week on-and-off a little while back researching all the elements of successful for booths and then put them into action the past couple of months. Without fail, putting these steps into action improves booth sales for me.

We change and improve our booth set-up every time we do a market.

Here are some ideas and tips for anyone else looking to bring your wares to a market for sale.

1. Use Lighting: Particularly for night markets but it helps anytime. Use string and task lighting to stand out.

2. Use Levels: The most important element of creating a booth that sells is having levels and playing with height. It'll draw people in because they won't be able to see everything at once as easily.

3. Have Price on Everything: Have you ever walked away from something because you couldn't see a price? I know I have. A low price creates impulse buys so if you have them, make sure they're seen. Leave nothing unpriced whether via stickers, tags or signs.

4. Practice Your Set-Up: Do a mock set-up at least once. Drawings alone may be sufficient in the future but seeing it all set-up in person once is a must to get the real feel for it. It also helps you troubleshoot and any set-up problems. (Like signs that blow away.)

5. Double-Down: We bought heavy, dark colored, inexpensive tiles that match our black table clothes as weights to keep signs and other booth things in place. You look less professional when signs are blowing around or when they're easily knocked down by customers.

6. Be Unique: Have stand-out and unique items, this draws customers in. If you sell vintage, have an amazing piece you may not intend to sell just to attract people. If you sell other wares, think up ways to be creative with the decorations.

7. Use Blank Space: A overly busy booth can look overwhelming, prompting people to skip. Use separators, baskets, and get extra tables if needed so your set-up isn't too crowded.

8. Pricing: "Two for one" type retail pricing tricks are always helpful for getting customers to open their wallets.

9. Make it an Experience: Samples, music, funny signs, unique objects, add things to the mix that make your booth unique. You want it to be memorable, something people will talk to friends about.

10. Consistent Branding: Have consistent colors and themes to bring it all together into a cohesive look.

Good luck selling your wares. A lot of these tips apply to trying to open any type of business. It's fun to let loose, get creative and create your vision with your brand. Be unique, have fun, follow some retail fundamentals and the sales will come. (And of course, pick the right high-traffic market for you!) Using the tips above definitely translated to higher sales versus my earliest days of barely any!

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