Thursday, September 1, 2016

What I've Read + Classic Books That'll Help You Earn More, Organize, & Get Happy

I've got some books here that will change your life! No, really! I finally polished off a couple of classics I've been meaning to read and some fluffier fare along the way. I'm ashamed to admit that for long stretches of time I go without reading books, when I'm in school I mostly skim for information I want in non-fiction books. But it's not the same as immersing yourself in the subject.

How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie

With simple terms, repetetion, and ample supporting examples How to Win Friends and Influence people explains exactly how being a nice and likeable person focused on other people is paramount for accomplishing life goals. As I read this book it gave me some AMAZING ideas (indirectly) to apply to my business. More importantly, it knocked me out of self-pity parties. After reading this book I immediately started thinking of helping OTHER people again and just being happy and paying it forward. I'm excited to keep that momentum going. It's a book I will keep by me for practice and reference until all the lessons are second nature!

Recommendation: For EVERYONE. Not kidding, everyone needs a refresher on these lessons.

Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki

I have MUCH more to come on this book! The mission of this classic is getting people out of the "rat race" and into the "fast track" to riches. You don't need a desire for "super riches" to read this. Do you want: liberation from the day job, early retirement, assurance you'll always have enough funds to care for yourself and your family, and time to explore the world and your hobbies? Yes? Then read this book! It reassured me on some unconventional points I've always had (houses often are liabilities, taking jobs not for pay but to learn skills you can monetize, and even benefits of being scanner-brained). It also filled in some mysteries I couldn't figure out about the super-successful and how they manage to do it. I'm excited to put many of it's lessons into play and be a more sophisticated business owner. I slave for my dollars, we all do, but we don't have to if we become financially literate. That's the main lesson from the "rich dad."

Recommendation: EVERYONE who needs money. So, everyone. Unless you took a religious vow of poverty. Even then, read it!

The Little Book of Skin Care, Charlotte Cho

This is a detailed book all about the intense skin care routine of the country with the most advanced skin care products in the world, Korea. I read it as research for the products I formulate and for the cultural lesson, yes, maintaining excellent skin and health is a cultural norm in family-oriented Korea. It's a habit for the young and old, for men and women alike. The famous daily Korean skin care routine requires 10 steps and products! Charlotte Cho keeps the read light and entertaining, the cute illustrations help you understand products and concepts we don't have in the US. Bonus, There's a guide to Seoul, Korea in the back that I'd love to have the pleasure to use one day.

Recommendation: For Asian/Korean culture and other skin care curious people

Mysteries of the Ancient World, National Geographic Society

I thrifted this book YEARS ago and it finally found it's way back to me. I love art history books and this one from the 70s has bonus points of having cute (to me) dated information. Easter Island had five discos in the late, apparently! Not bad for a teenie tiny island with a singular itty bitty city! I love how snippets of some ancients cultures are with us today via cultural osmosis. We still use words started by ancient Etruscan! And we wouldn't even know some of these cultural roots if wasn't for self-funded, tenacious millionaires going on ancient legend and instinct! This book had chapters on all of great mysteries including one of my favorites, the elegant, carefree Minoans, inspiration for the Minotaur and his maze of Greek mythology. Ancient art history is a subject I'll never tired of studying.

Recommendation: For art history and ancient world nerds

Spark Joy, Marie Kondo

Of COURSE I bought this book the first moment I possibly could pre-order it! It's the sequel to The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the original book describing the KonMari method that swept the globe fills. With cute illustrations and uplifting words it explains any questions created by the first book. It's to be read only after the first book has been completed (preferably, after your first run of completing the KonMari method) and has more organization tips to take your tidying to another level. I found it helpful for some of my problem areas. Marie Kondo has a whole host of books in Japan that I hope get published in the US. I will eagerly read them all. (More on this book to come, too.)

Recommendation: For anyone who finished Marie Kondo's first book and loved it.

Being Happy, Andrew Matthews

And speaking of things just "finding" their way to me after finishing KonMari methoding... I found this one while thrifting. In simple, effect terms it explains how we "program" patterns in our subconcious that keep us making the same mistakes over and over, and how to get out of them. There are copies on amazon for one cent, I think it's worth a read.

Recommendation: Everyone! Even if you don't like self-improvement books, get out of your unhappiness patterns and open your mind for this one.

 * * *

I'm currently working on Demand and finally Refuse to Choose the definitive book on Scanners. I also need to pick up where I left off on The Artists Way, for years I've read the book in tiny increments never completing the full workbook, but I'm determined to start again and get through it.

What are you reading lately? Any essential recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments! Refuse to Choose was a reader recommendation and I'm eternally grateful for that hint!
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  1. I've read the first three books, Vanessa, and loved them. The Dale Carnegie book is one I've had since I was in elementary school, and til this day, I still remember some of the pages in there. And Charlotte Cho's book is so awesome!

    1. So cool you read Dale Carnegie in elementary school! I loved Cho's book, there wasn't something like it in the American marketplace I could find so I'm glad it's out there along with her website.

  2. I loved that book by Carnegie. Thank you about the reminder, I want to re-read it. I will also check the others.

    1. It is an awesome book, so glad to see a lot of others have read it too :) Classic for a reason.

  3. Great list! Dale Carnegie is always worth reading and I must check out the last one :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. No problem, the last one is definitely worth a read. Light, easy and helpful.

  4. I always thought How to Win Friends and Influence People was satire for some reason. I'm kind of interested in looking into it now.

    1. It's some legit good info for business owners that you'll love. I can see how you'd think that's a satire though, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a satire out there with the opposite advice.

  5. I have never read a self improvement book.. but some of these some interesting.. thanks for sharing.

    1. That's the main realm I read vs. non-fiction. All of these were excellent :)

  6. I must get Spark Joy soon! I bought the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up for my mom for Christmas, and read it compulsively before wrapping it for her :D

    1. I stayed up until 3 or 4 am reading the first book then cleared my schedule to do the whole method from three days straight right after and it really was LIFE. CHANGING. It's not for everyone but it was -exactly- what I needed as a person who's always struggled to let go of things and stay consistently organized. So awesome you got it for your mom. I hope she read it! My mom refuses to read it but is willing to let me do the method to her home, haha.

  7. The little book of skincare sounds very interesting. I've been reading mostly novels, but I really want to dig in some books that teach me something!

    1. I read nonfiction almost exclusively I need more novels in my life! The Little Book of Skincare is the perfect primer on Korean skincare. Easy read, too :)


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