Friday, September 9, 2016

DIY Idea For Branding Pins, Jewelry or Small Merchandise (Vintage or Handmade)

Impulse buys are your bread and butter as a small or crafty business owners. These impulsive splurges are normally small, lower-priced items that can really rack up your sales. I brand my best-selling small impulse-buy items to make them stand-out and also to give them a consistent look that ties back to my business name and ethos. Here's what I do:

1. The first step is to choose your cello bag size if you choose to wrap yours. You can display yours on cardstock paper without a bag, too. I order clear adhesive cello bags in bulk on eBay, one order's lasted for months now.

2. Design the background your pin, necklace, magnet, etc. will rest on and make a grid of it to fill the page you'll print on in photoshop. Pictured above are the fronts and backs of the ones I use for my gemstone jewelry at local markets. (My new ones will have my Body & Soul brand name and website on them as good packaging should!)

3. You probably want to add a little dot or two to the design where you'll poke your necklace/pin/etc for balance and consistency.

3. Print and cut these out. I use scissors but need to upgrade to a paper cutter; faster and more precise!

4. Add your merchandise to your backing.

 These sell like crazy in a nice display at local markets I do. I have them online, too, at $5 each or 3 for $12.

5. And slide into your bag!

I've had so many customers say they want to buy my stuff or "buy one of everything" just because of the packaging. I sell high quality natural wares, but they it's the labels that sell it. Brand and marketing is king for your sales!

Getting to where I am with branding the HELL out of my merchandise has taken years of experimentation, research and plenty of learned secrets and techniques from other business owners. I love to pay it forward and help others, so I hope this was useful if you hadn't thought of it yet! I have so many of these little tips I'm thinking of making an e-book just on the subject of the many ways to brand your merchandise! But of course, I'll be sharing more little branding-type DIYS in the meantime. Doing all the little things to curate, brand, label, and design a business is my favorite part of owning one! I love doing the photography, labels, etc. for other businesses too, I'm definitely the "details" person of any operation! I'm even working on a couple more little lines like this like a crazy person!

How do you brand you merch? Do you send out freebies with your wares? Do let me know in the comments!
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  1. This looks so great, Vanessa:) Thanks for being generous with sharing these kinds of stuff, and I think the e-book is a fab idea.
    I really only have business cards coz I'm not a business per se, but I think I should start thinking about this as I am thinking of opening an Etsy business in a few years.

    1. Glad it may help you for a future Etsy business. You're so talented and crafty, I bet you'd run an excellent shop when you're ready!

  2. Great tips! It have been years since doing face to face sales with my customers. However I remember the impulse buy items I would put out at jewelry parties selling like hotcakes! Branding is so important. I think it also helps customers remember your name so if they want to contact you in the future for another purchase they remember who you or your business are.

    1. Yep, that's a good point. The packaging is yet another place for you to put your contact information for others to reach out and get in touch or buy merchandise.

  3. Fantastic! I love how you packaged them! Branding is so important and I'm working to improve mine :)


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